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Dental Care Should Be A Priority If You Lose A Crown

Cavities and physical tooth injuries often make treatment with dental crowns necessary. After a crown is placed, you should feel confident that you have the necessary protection to keep biting and chewing with the affected tooth. These restorations are made to provide long-term support. Of course, just as teeth can experience problems, crowns and dental fillings can also be vulnerable to issues. If you lose a crown, if it breaks, or if it becomes loose, see your Katy, TX dentist for care. This is a dental problem that can require urgent attention. Without treatment, new problems can affect your exposed tooth, leading to more oral health difficulties.

Restorations Are Supposed To Provide Permanent Protection For Teeth

Damage that calls for restorative dental work leads to permanent problems for a tooth, which is why fillings and crowns have to remain in place. Typically, a crown will provide many years of support, even as you rely on it to provide support when you bite and chew. However, problems can occur. If your crown starts to feel loose, or if damage affects its condition and appearance, you can experience difficulties with your oral health and appearance. Dealing with the matter as soon as possible will help you avoid complications.

Seeing Your Dentist After Losing A Crown Or Filling

At an emergency appointment, your dentist can address issues created by the loss of a filling or crown. In some cases, it may be possible to put a crown back in place if it is loose or lost. With that said, it is important to make sure your tooth remains properly supported. When called for, we will provide a new restoration so that you can be confident you still have the appropriate protection. We offer crowns made from different material types, including crowns that imitate healthy tooth structure.

We Can Address More Than Just A Lost Restoration During Emergency Care

Emergency dental care provides more than just help after someone loses a crown! We want patients to know that our practice is prepared to support them when they experience many different issues. Those issues include physical tooth damage, including problems with loose or lost teeth. We can also resolve problems with persistent pain. Ignoring an emergency can lead to oral health complications, and it can mean spending more time in discomfort!

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Ready To Help If You Lose A Crown

Our dentist’s office in Katy, TX is prepared to help if you lose a crown, or if the restoration is damaged. At your emergency appointment, we will determine what we can do to make sure that your tooth remains protected and secure. To find out more, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!