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Receiving Dental Implant-Held Dentures

Losing an entire row of teeth can devastate your confidence in your smile and restrict your ability to eat many different foods. In other words, it is a problem that can be difficult to endure, and one that you are ready to resolve. With removable dentures, you can regain your smile. However, you can enjoy less bite support than you might like, and over time your restoration may begin to feel less stable while in place. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can offer an alternative – a restoration permanently secured by dental implants. Through this approach to restoring your smile, we can prevent jawbone deterioration, improve your bite function, and give you a smile you show off with confidence!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Secure Dentures

A replacement for a row of teeth that is fixed in place can provide more bite support, and make you feel more comfortable throughout a typical day. While removable prostheses only rely on suction or epoxies to remain in position, a denture held by dental implants can remain in a set position without causing difficulties. With more support, you can more easily bite and chew foods that you may have given up already. You can also enjoy the return of stimulation in your jawbone, something that prevents the bone from losing density over time.

How Dental Implants Provide Support For A Restoration

We can meet with you to discuss the benefits of using dental implants to hold a restoration, and provide an evaluation where we confirm you are a good candidate for their placement. Sometimes, patients have unresolved issues with their dental or periodontal health that need to be resolved before they proceed with treatment. A review also tells us if you have issues with jaw health that may interfere with plans to restore your full smile. After a successful implant placement and healing period, you can come to us to receive a denture that is permanently secured in position!

Maintaining Your Restored Smile After Receiving Implant Dentures

With your implant-held dentures in position, you can have an easier time biting, chewing, and speaking. You can appreciate their role in improving your daily life, but you should take care to prevent problems that might affect the work done to restore your full smile. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, be consistent with dental exams so that your dentist can make sure there are no issues that might call for care.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Implant-Held Dentures

Through the full restoration of your smile with an implant-held appliance, we can give you more confidence in your oral health and appearance! If you wish to learn more about this or any other service that we offer, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!