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TMJ Therapy And Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you think about the kinds of issues that your dentist can address, you may focus on problems that impact individual teeth. In other words, you may assume that our practice is focused on resolving problems with dental decay or damaged teeth when we provide restorative care. What you should know is that when we take care of patients affected by multiple problems, we can provide services that also address concerns like jaw pain, stiff or uncomfortable movement, and teeth grinding. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to meet with you if you have several oral health issues standing between you and your best smile. After we complete you full mouth reconstruction, we can provide ongoing support to help you stay confident in your appearance and dental health!

Your Dentist Can Address More Than Just Cavity Issues

During a full mouth reconstruction, our goal is to address all of the problems that you currently have to endure. Trouble with dental decay or physical damage are certainly worth our time and attention, but these are not the only issues that we can address. If you have struggled with pain or sensitivity over time, or if your bite function is flawed, you are more likely to experience trouble with jaw pain and stiffness, as well as problems like headaches, facial pain, and teeth grinding. Through TMJ therapy, we can help you move past these issues as we also work on plans to restore individual teeth in poor condition.

TMJ Therapy’s Role In Improving Your Oral Health

Through TMJ therapy, we can take on problems that you have with your overall oral health. We can evaluate your bite function to look for imbalances that we can address through dental work, or by taking care to help you change your jaw movements. Oral appliance therapy is often helpful for changing the way you move and hold your jaw. In some cases, bite improvement calls for restoring small or unhealthy teeth, or it may call for orthodontic treatment to improve your bite alignment.

Other Services We Can Provide During A Full Mouth Reconstruction

At the end of your full mouth reconstruction, you should be able to show off an attractive, problem-free smile. To reach this goal, we can focus on broader concerns with TMJ disorder as well as specific difficulties caused by dental decay or physical enamel damage. For teeth in poorer condition, we may need to perform root canal therapy and provide dental crowns for your restorative dental work.

Arrange Dental Care At Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office

Through a full mouth reconstruction, we can take on all of the issues that currently affect your smile! If you have questions about the different services that we offer, or if you think that a full mouth reconstruction might be right for you, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!