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Gum Contouring Treatment And Your Smile

Is there something holding you back from smiling with confidence? For many people, feelings of doubt are inspired by problems with their gums, not their teeth. If you have tissues that appear bulky, or look awkward because they appear uneven, it can be harder to feel comfortable with the way you look. What you should know is that in addition to addressing problems with teeth that hold back your appearance, our Katy, TX dentist’s office can also address problems with your gums! Through a laser gum contouring procedure, we can carefully reshape these tissues, and we can also make changes to make them more symmetrical. While this can be part of a larger smile makeover plan, the procedure by itself can deliver exciting results!

Do Problems With Your Gum Affect Your Smile?

Do you have what some might consider a “gummy” smile? If tissues look bulky or take up too much space, they can make your teeth look short or uneven. For people who want to do something about this, a gum contouring procedure can lead to exciting esthetic improvements. Because our practice relies on laser technology to perform gum contouring treatments, we can perform the treatment without having to do any suturing. We can also give you faster results, and make your recovery easier.

Gum Contouring With Laser Technology

Through the use of a soft tissue laser, we can provide a positive gum contouring experience that is more precise, limits bleeding during treatment, and shortens the time needed for recovery. We can carefully remove excess tissues to make your gums more symmetrical, and we can also smooth out bumpy or otherwise awkward spaces. When this work is done, your teeth can look longer and more uniform, leading to more confidence in your smile!

Discussing Other Cosmetic Services

While gum contouring treatment can effectively take care of your smile concerns on its own, it can also fit into larger plans for a smile makeover. We can follow this treatment with a procedure to whiten your smile, or we can discuss services like tooth bonding and contouring to change the shape of teeth that look awkward or out of place. Because we offer several procedures that can change the way you look, we can address many different concerns to help you move past concerns you have about your appearance!

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Gum Contouring Treatment

By performing gum contouring work with lasers, we can address frustrating smile issues that have negatively affected your confidence. We can perform this procedure on its own to improve the way you look, or we can discuss making it part of a larger smile makeover! To find out more, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!