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When Poor Oral Health Affects Your Bite

When your oral health starts to make trouble for your bite function, you should bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. By doing so, you can undergo care to both preserve your oral health and prevent the onset of difficulties with TMJ disorder that cause frequent issues with pain and joint stiffness. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can work with you to address problems with joint alignment, uneven jaw movements, and problems with the condition of teeth that affect the way you comfortably bite and chew. By doing so, we can determine what procedure (or procedures) might be appropriate, and help you understand how you can enjoy meaningful bite improvements. If necessary, we can even start you on plans for a full mouth reconstruction that resolve all of your active oral health concerns.

How Troubled Should You Be Over Bite Difficulties?

If you are ignoring problems with biting and chewing, you can overlook symptoms of issues that can worsen in time and create new issues for you. One problem with poor bite movement is that it can make you too dependent on certain teeth that then become overworked, which then makes them more likely to experience problems that call for restorative dental work. Another concern is that by not treating problems with your jaw movement and alignment, you can develop worrying issues with persistent TMJ pain that affects your face, head, and neck. This can lead to the onset of teeth grinding as well!

Any time you think something may be wrong with your oral health, you should bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. When issues are overlooked, complications can occur. This is because our teeth, while strong, are limited in their ability to recover from active problems.

Arranging Dental Services To Improve Your Dental Function

As part of a full mouth reconstruction plan, we may discuss plans to improve the way you move your jaw when you bite and chew by providing TMJ treatment. When your joints no longer stay aligned, you can experience difficulties with daily pain as well as frustration over discomfort and stiffness when you bite. Restoring unhealthy teeth can lead to improvements, as you will have an easier time applying and releasing pressure evenly. However, oral appliance therapy is often the recommended treatment. With your custom appliance, you can gradually retrain your jaw joints and muscles to move properly and alleviate tension. We can also provide a custom guard if your problems include teeth grinding.

Restoring Teeth In Poor Condition

In the course of a full mouth reconstruction, we can address problems with multiple teeth. Trouble with wear and tear, past physical harm, and decay can lead to difficulties with your enamel that should be addressed. Through the use of lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns, we can take on trouble with individual teeth and also improve your smile!

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Restoring Your Oral Health And Bite Function

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to take on issues with your oral health and bite function that affect your appearance and quality of life. To learn more about a full mouth reconstruction, call our dental office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!