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Wearing Invisalign On A Daily Basis

With your custom Invisalign aligners, you can move teeth that are out of position so that your smile can look more attractive. Adjusting your teeth can also lead to oral health improvements, as corrective work can improve your bite function and also help you maintain your oral health. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can help you understand how this treatment might benefit you, and what you can expect from your time wearing your appliances. In addition to being difficult for others to see, Invisalign aligners are less intrusive than other orthodontic treatments because you can remove them whenever you eat or clean your teeth!

How Invisalign Changes A Person’s Smile

Even if you have only minor issues with the way your teeth are aligned, you can feel self-conscious about the way that some of them overlap, or the way poor spacing leads to visible gaps. Instead of depending on metal braces to move them into better positions, you can rely on Invisalign to discreetly make these changes for you! We can discuss using Invisalign aligners as a cosmetic procedure, but we can also discuss orthodontic work as part of a plan to improve your dental function, which can help with TMJ problems and other concerns.

Using Invisalign Aligners On A Daily Basis

What can you expect as you begin to wear your Invisalign aligners on a daily basis? One thing you can look forward to is the ability to wear your appliances with confidence, even in professional or social settings. This is thanks to their clear design, which makes them difficult to observe. You can also feel more confident about care because you know you can remove your appliance whenever you are about to eat, or when it is time to clean your teeth!

Your Corrective Work Can Change More Than Just How You Look

If you have a difficult time biting and chewing without discomfort, poorly aligned teeth could be part of the problem. As part of a plan to address your troubles with TMJ disorder, we may discuss straightening your smile in order to make biting and chewing evenly easier for you. Straightening overlapping teeth can also help you by fixing problems with spacing that make certain areas of your enamel harder to clean effectively.

Discuss Invisalign Treatment With Your Katy, TX Dentist

At Lathrop Dental Center, patients with an interest in orthodontic work can find out how a procedure that depends on Invisalign aligners can improve your appearance and oral health. The series of custom-made aligners you are given will be able to gradually move teeth into better position while minimizing changes in your daily life. To find out more about how this service, or another, can improve your smile and oral health, please reach out to our dentist’s office in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!