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Services For Patients With Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can take a devastating toll on your confidence, and it can negatively impact your oral health in more ways than you might anticipate. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can grow worse over time, leading to unwelcome complications. If you have even one missing tooth, you can find that treatment helps restore your appearance, preserve your oral health, and protect you against the potential loss of more teeth. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is ready to take on your issues – we can meet with you to discuss the benefits of implant dentistry. We can even discuss making prosthetic treatment part of a larger full mouth reconstruction plan.

We Can Help You Regain A Full Smile!

If you do not have a complete smile, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance while also struggling with frustrating oral health difficulties. A gap in your smile can impair your ability to enjoy certain foods. If you lose more teeth, you can find yourself giving up completely on some of what you enjoy. In addition to losing out on access to some of your favorite foods, this can make it more difficult for you to enjoy a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Tooth also puts you at risk for losing more teeth, and for losing jawbone density.

How Dental Implants Benefit Those Who Need To Regain Their Full Smile

Through implant dentistry, it is possible to restore a person’s appearance, dental health, and bite function with a permanent restoration. Implants are surprisingly versatile when it comes to restoring smiles. We can use one in order to hold a single replacement tooth, or we can make plans to provide multiple implants to support a full denture. This approach to prosthetic dental work can give you a more secure and stable bite while also improving your smile. The implants themselves also help you avoid problems with jawbone deterioration by stimulating the bone and keeping up the flow of nutrients to the tissues.

Including Prosthetic Work In Plans For A Full Mouth Reconstruction

For patients who have several smile concerns, we can discuss the start of a full mouth reconstruction plan. This plan can include work to replace missing teeth. With that said, we can also make arrangements to address dental damage or decay, as well as problems with your bite function that are responsible for causing issues with jaw pain and stiffness. Your plan will be personalized to address your individual needs and concerns.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Replacing Missing Teeth

Through work to restore your incomplete smile, your dentist can give you back a confident smile, a stable and comfortable bite, and protection against future oral health difficulties. To find out more about how we can take care of you, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849!