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Addressing Your Ongoing TMJ Problems

As long as you continue to ignore the signs that you have issues with TMJ disorder, you can continue to struggle with pain and stiffness when you bite, chew, and speak. In other words, discomfort can become a persistent issue until you speak to your dentist about your troubles! At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can discuss treatment options that will help you ease tension and correct your joint alignment. Treating TMJ problems can call for oral appliance therapy, which relies on a custom appliance to encourage better jaw positioning. It can also call for work to restore teeth that are not in good condition, as oral health issues can make it difficult to apply bite pressure. If necessary, we can include work to resolve your jaw pain in a larger full mouth reconstruction plan!

Has Jaw Pain And Sensitivity Become A Recurring Issue For You?

If you feel discomfort whenever you bite and chew food, or notice a tendency to feel stiffness or pain in your joints and muscles when you laugh and speak, you may have trouble with poor jaw alignment. Uneven jaw movement, excess stress on your joints and muscles, and unresolved dental pain can lead to persistent troubles with TMJ disorder. Until the matter is addressed, you can experience pain in your face, neck, and jaw. You can also experience more frequent headaches, which can certainly be a source of frustration!

Improving Your Bite Alignment And Jaw Movement

Better jaw movement and alignment can ease tension on your joints and muscles, and that can lead to fewer issues with pain. Through DTR Therapy, we can identify imbalances in your application and release of bite force, which can lead to corrections that ease tension. To help you hold your jaw in a more comfortable position, we can also discuss oral appliance therapy. A custom appliance that you wear at night can condition you to hold your jaw in a resting position that is less taxing, and that can lead to improved alignment for your joints.

Addressing Oral Health Problems That Affect Your Bite

For some people, bite improvements will not be possible until dental work restores teeth that cannot absorb pressure. As part of a full mouth reconstruction plan, we can work out a series of treatments that will include work to address TMJ disorder as well as procedures that restore individual teeth that need more support. With custom dental crowns, we can improve your bite function and appearance!

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist If You Have Ongoing TMJ Problems

Our practice is ready to help patients who have concerns about pain when they bite, chew and speak. If these issues affect you, please reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.