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Removing And Replacing An Unhealthy Tooth

When you see your Katy, TX dentist about a dental problem, you should know that our goal in treatment is to restore your smile while minimizing changes to your tooth. With that said, if a problem becomes too serious, it can become necessary to perform an extraction to effectively stop it from causing any more issues for you. In addition to providing extractions to patients when necessary, we can make plans to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant-held restoration. Once your permanent restoration is in place, you can show off a full smile, and you can feel comfortable biting and chewing without difficulties.

When A Tooth Needs To Be Removed

After a cavity does too much damage to a tooth, or after a physical injury affects it, the only way forward in treatment may involve tooth extraction. Extraction is a process we will only recommend when we have no other approaches to care available. If you put off this removal, bacteria within the tooth can spread, which can lead to more oral health difficulties that will have to be addressed. Having the procedure performed by your dentist can ensure that it is successfully done, and that there are no complications that might affect plans to replace what you lost.

Planning An Extraction And Tooth Replacement

Having your tooth extracted and replaced with a lifelike prosthetic can give you back your smile as well as your ability to comfortably bite, chew, and speak. We can recommend the placement and restoration of a dental implant to make you more comfortable with a permanent replacement tooth. The implant acts like an artificial root that will hold a prosthetic in position. In addition to providing support for your dental function, the implant can stimulate your surrounding jawbone tissues to keep the bone healthy.

Creating A Full Mouth Reconstruction Plan

If you have a serious problem with your oral health, or if you have concerns about several teeth, we can recommend that you start a full mouth reconstruction plan. With this plan, we can identify all of the issues that currently affect you, and determine what services you require. In addition to providing restorative treatment, we can discuss services that target smile flaws.

Planning The Removal And Replacement Of An Unhealthy Tooth At Lathrop Dental Center

Through the safe extraction and replacement of an unhealthy tooth, we can put a stop to your dental pain and give you back your complete smile! Our practice is prepared to work with you if you have a specific issue with a tooth, but we can also take on patients’ needs when they have several teeth in need of care. To find out more, please reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.