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When You Need To Replace Several Teeth

The unfortunate truth is that some people put off dental care until it is too late to restore unhealthy teeth. In these situations, we may need to discuss plans to restore their oral health with an approach to care that includes extractions and prosthetic treatments. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help those individuals who need more involved services. In addition to safely removing teeth to resolve pain and prevent oral health complications, we can discuss the benefits of implant dentistry for giving you back your full, confident smile!

Making Plans To Replace Lost Or Unhealthy Teeth

Whenever possible, our practice will work to preserve all teeth, even when they require advanced restorative dental services. With that said, extracting a tooth can stop an infection from spreading and doing more harm to your oral health. It can also be the only way to stop ongoing troubles with pain from worsening. If you have teeth that need to be replaced, or teeth that have already been lost, we can talk with you about the positive impact that dental implants can have on your oral health and appearance.

Using Dental Implants To Hold Replacement Teeth

Dental implants act as artificial roots that hold replacement teeth in position. They are effective at supporting individual teeth, but they can also be useful for holding larger restorations, including dentures. Implants are set in place through a procedure that puts them directly in your jawbone – as you heal, the surrounding bone tissues will actually fuse with the post to provide more stability. At the appropriate time, you will return to our office to receive your restoration. After this work is complete, you can have an easier time biting and chewing, and you can marvel at how natural your smile looks and feels!

Making Implant Dentistry Part Of A Larger Full Mouth Reconstruction

We may include plans to replace lost teeth as part of a larger full mouth reconstruction plan. A full mouth reconstruction is built around individuals’ needs and concerns. We can both identify needed services and help you plan treatments. We can start with the most pressing issues, such as trouble with infected or lost teeth. From there, we can take on less severe cavities, or problems with damaged teeth that might call for restorative or cosmetic treatment.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Replacing Several Teeth

If you need to do something about several unhealthy teeth, our practice can work with you to find the right solutions. When tooth extractions are needed, we can create a plan with you to address all of your concerns and carefully remove and replace teeth that cannot be saved. For more information, reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.