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Do You Need Treatment For More Than One Cavity?

One cavity will make a trip to the dentist’s office necessary. When you find out you have several teeth in need of restorative treatment, it can make treatment more intimidating. How long will it take to fully restore your oral health? Will your smile or bite function be affected by the work of treating decay? At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can help you work through the appropriate services to fully resolve problems with your well-being. When patients need to work through several problems, we can discuss the advantages of a full mouth reconstruction plan, which can address decay as well as any other issues that affect your dental function and health.

We Can Help You Deal With All Of Your Cavity Concerns

Prioritizing cavity treatment is important, as putting off restorative dental work means that your cavity can grow larger and damage more of your enamel. This heightens your risk for complications that require more involved treatment. Unfortunately, if you are not seeing your dentist for regular appointments, you may not realize that a cavity has formed until complications begin to concern you. After a review, you may learn that several teeth are in need of treatment.

The Size Of Your Cavity Can Affect Your Treatment

When a cavity is caught in time, we can use a custom filling to close the space where the damage occurred and restore your tooth’s appearance and bite strength. Eventually, a cavity will grow too large for this approach. If it is necessary to take on a more serious issue with decay, you may need to arrange root canal therapy and the placement of a dental crown. If you arrange a full mouth reconstruction to take on all of your dental troubles, we can make sure that the most serious cavities are treated first to prevent further trouble, as well as the potential loss of teeth.

Will You Be Able To Maintain A Natural-Looking Smile After Treatment?

Both our dental fillings and dental crowns can match your enamel, making it easier for us to address your oral health issues without changing the way you look when you smile and speak. These restorations are able to provide cosmetic benefits as well as functional protection. Through smart preventive care after treatment, you can count on restorations to remain in good condition for many years!

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treating Your Cavities

Cavity treatment should be a priority, as waiting to deal with the issue can lead to complications. We can work with you if you need to address a single problem with dental decay, but we are also prepared to support those patients who need to plan out several procedures. To find out more, please reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.