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Planning More Than One Cavity Treatment

There are many reasons to be consistent about visiting the dentist for routine care. One important one is the ability to discover and manage problems early in their development. Identifying a cavity at a routine visit can lead to prompt care before there are complications. However, if you are not frequenting your dental office for routine care, you can discover that you have several problems that will need to be addressed. This can be intimidating, but you should know that our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you. When called for, we can prepare a full mouth reconstruction plan, something that can lead to a complete recovery that takes care of your smile and oral health.

What Happens If My Dentist Finds Multiple Cavities During An Examination?

If you learn that you need several cavities treated, you can feel uncomfortable about your next steps. How much work will you actually need? How involved will your restorative dental procedures be? When you spend too much time without an exam, several problems can develop that can worsen as time continues to pass. When we find that you have several cavities, the plan we develop for your care will focus on addressing the most advanced issues with decay first, then tend to all other problems that need treatment.

We Can Work Out A Personalized Plan For Your Restorative Services

In your full mouth reconstruction plan, we can work out more than just what procedures are needed. We will also make sure that the arrangement we make fit your schedule and needs, and that we target the most serious issues first. Cavities that have led to infection can be treated through root canal therapy, which removes bacteria from within the pulp, before we provide protection in the form of a dental crown.

What Else Can Your Dentist Help You Address?

In a full mouth reconstruction plan, we can focus on more than just helping patients who need care for multiple cavities. We can also tend to you if you have problems with dental pain, or a limited bite function. Through treatment for TMJ disorder, we can help you improve your quality of life and dental function, which can lead to better movement, fewer issues with dental pain, and even fewer headaches!

Your Katy, TX Dentist Is Ready To Provide Care For Multiple Cavities

When you need to do something about more than one cavity, moving forward with care can feel intimidating. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist can help you work out a treatment plan that addresses all of your current issues. Through a full mouth reconstruction plan, we can take on dental decay and any other issues that impact your well-being. If you wish to learn more, reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.