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We Can Address Questions About Implant Dentistry

If you have an incomplete smile, you can be eager to learn more about implant dentistry and its potential to improve both your appearance and your dental health. Your Katy, TX dentist can talk to you about work to fully restore your smile, even if you are interested in receiving a full denture to replace an entire row of teeth. Through the use of dental implants, we can provide more stability for a restoration, and we can provide stimulation that will help maintain the health and appearance of your jawbone.

How Implant Dentistry Helps People Affected By Tooth Loss

Why should you rely on dental implant support to hold your custom restoration? While there are other options for prosthetic treatment, there are certain advantages to this solution that are hard to pass up. One is that you can enjoy more functional support, which makes biting, chewing, and speaking more comfortable. You also enjoy permanent stability without the need to modify neighboring teeth. Over time, an implant can provide additional benefits by stimulating your jawbone and preventing its deterioration.

The Implant Placement And Restoration Process

What should you expect from the process of having your implant placed and restored? Before this work begins, your dentist will provide a detailed evaluation to confirm that you are ready for treatment. If we identify issues that would interfere with the placement process, we can discuss treatment solutions to help you move forward. After the placement is scheduled and performed, you will go through a waiting period to make sure that you heal properly. After this passes, you will return to our practice to have your restoration put in place.

Life After Your Smile Is Restored

What can you look forward to after your prosthetic dental work is completed? There are exciting benefits to prosthetic treatment, whether you have a single tooth put in place or receive a set of implant-held dentures. Better bite support means enjoying a wider range of foods and drinks, plus it means you are less likely to experience issues with TMJ disorder. The stimulation from your implants will help you maintain your healthy jaw, which preserves your smile and also benefits your dental well-being.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Implant Dentistry!

While you may have questions about what it involves and what it can do for you, it can be hard not to feel some excitement over implant dentistry if you have an incomplete smile. Through this work, your Katy, TX dentist can help you replace lost teeth and improve your bite function as well as your overall oral health! If you have questions or want to know more about your restorative treatment options, please reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.