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Addressing Jaw Pain And Poor Bite Movement

As problems with your jaw movement worsen, you can have daily issues with pain and stiffness, and you can even find it harder to bite and chew certain foods. These issues can be linked to an issue with TMJ disorder, which occurs when your jaw is no longer in proper alignment. This can have additional consequences for you, as it can lead to more frequent headaches, teeth grinding, and problems with discomfort in your face, neck, and shoulders. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can provide the appropriate services to address this trouble. By evaluating your bite function, we can look for imbalances that need to be addressed. We can also take care of oral health issues that make certain teeth less helpful when you bite and chew.

Have You Been Living With Jaw Pain And Discomfort When You Bite?

The ongoing issues that you have with bite pain and stiffness, jaw discomfort, headaches, and facial pain can all point to trouble with TMJ disorder. Your jaw joints and muscles should work in alignment whenever you bite and chew. However, different issues can affect this proper movement, which can lead to frustration due to pain, limitations to movement, and more. We have different solutions that can help, including an evaluation with bite pressure mapping technology that can point out imbalances that should be addressed.

Using A Test Of Bite Equilibration To Identify Imbalances

With our Tekscan pressure mapping technology, we have the ability to closely study the way you apply and release pressure whenever you bite. If the application and release of force is uneven, we can look for ways to correct the imbalances and ease the tension your feel on your joints and muscles. Corrective efforts can improve your jaw movement and relieve the discomfort that you feel.

Restorative Dentistry And Your Bite Function

Restorative dental work may be necessary in order to change your bite for the better. Teeth that are too small, damaged, or affected by decay can offer you less support whenever you try to apply pressure with them. Treating these issues with custom dental crowns can lead to welcome results, and it will take care of threats to your smile that can lead to more oral health trouble over time.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Your Issues With Jaw Pain And Poor Bite Movement

Through treatment for TMJ disorder, you can enjoy relief from the pain you experience when you bite and chew. You can also resolve problems with jaw pain and excess tension, recurring headaches, and more! If you would like to find out more about how our services can benefit you, please reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849.