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Dental Solutions For Crooked Teeth

The embarrassment you feel over your crooked, uneven smile is something you can put behind you. With the right procedure, you can correct gaps, overlaps, and other problems related to malocclusion, and you can actually do so without wearing metal braces. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can talk to patients about the benefits they can see from Invisalign aligners. These appliances make it possible for patients bothered by gaps and overlaps to fix their cosmetic worries over malocclusion. They can also offer the kinds of improvements that help you enjoy meaningful oral health improvements! 

Do You Need Help Fixing Problems With Your Teeth Spacing?

Through the use of Invisalign clear aligners, people with different degrees of concern over poor teeth spacing can learn how their smile can be discreetly improved upon. Even when they are relatively mild, the problems with gaps and overlaps that make you self-conscious because they draw unwanted attention. What you should know is that this can also create issues for you by interfering with your bite function, something that can lead to concerns over TMJ disorder and unevenly distributed wear and tear. The more time you spend putting off treatment, the more likely you are to have problems because of poor teeth spacing!

Using Invisalign Aligners To Improve Your Smile

By providing a set of Invisalign aligners for your smile care, our practice can help you take on the concerns that you have with gaps, overlaps, and other problems. These appliances that you receive will be more than just discreet, they will also be customized to fit you personally and provide the changes that you want. Each one in the set that you receive will bring you closer to the completion of your care. While you should keep them in place throughout each day to stay current with your correction end date, you can remove these appliances whenever appropriate to eat and clean your teeth as normal. 

Invisalign Treatment Can Be Part Of A Larger Cosmetic Makeover

For people who want to make pronounced changes to the way they look, Invisalign treatment can be an important part of a larger plan to remake their smile. We can offer personalized smile makeover plans to those who are concerned about how they look and hope to make a long-term improvement. By planning treatment around your particular needs, we can make sure that you have the outcome you want, and we can work with you on providing the right kind of treatment experience leading to those results!

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

Through the use of Invisalign clear aligners, many people who are bothered by teeth that look awkward or out of place because of their poor alignment can enjoy positive results and a better patient experience! If you are eager to learn how Invisalign aligners can help you, or if there are any other matters concerning your smile that we can help you address, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!