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We Offer Smile Care With Veneers And Non-Prep Veneers

How do you currently feel about the way you look when you smile and speak? Do you have concerns about the way teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or otherwise flawed affect your appearance? Even if you have several problems with the look of your teeth, you can find that one cosmetic procedure can lead to significant results! At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can recommend a service that will rely on either porcelain veneers and non-prep veneers to make lasting improvements. Both options are able to take on multiple problems at one time. With non-prep veneers, we can make the changes that you desire while minimizing the preparatory work involved in changing how you look for the better.

We Provide Patients Options When They Want Cosmetic Treatment

You have different options that you can review with your dentist if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry. These options can target different concerns, and they can provide results with different degrees of preparatory work involved. Both porcelain veneers and slimmer non-prep veneers are capable of making several changes at one time. Their placement leads to a person showing off teeth that are brighter and more symmetrical, and they can cover up any concerns about teeth that have been damaged or naturally felt out of place due to their shape or size.

Should You Use Veneers Or Non-Prep Veneers?

Both porcelain veneers and non-prep veneers can have positive effects on the way that a person looks. With non-prep veneers, we are able to preserve your healthy enamel, as we use restorations that are slimmer in their design. As a result, the procedure becomes more conservative. We can talk to you about whether this is the right option for you, or if you should rely on the support of traditional veneers to provide the right coverage and maintain your appearance over time.

We Can Help You Complete A Full Smile Makeover Plan

When you have your smile makeover plan in place, you can look forward to showing off stunning smile changes. These changes can come from a single procedure, but when it is necessary to do so, we can discuss the option of taking on multiple issues through more than one approach to care. There are different advantages to this. It can make it possible for us to deliver results with more conservative overall changes, and it can ensure that you have the improvements that you initially sought.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treatment To Improve Your Smile!

Whether you choose to rely on traditional porcelain veneers or thinner non-prep veneers, you can see outstanding cosmetic changes when you turn to treatment to improve the way you look. If you would like more information on these or any other treatment options that we offer, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!