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How We Accommodate Special Needs Patients

The right approach to smile care for most patients can be a poor fit for some individuals. For people who have special needs, the ability to provide personalized treatment experiences can be particularly important. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide the right kind of support for those who need something other than a “typical” approach to dental services. We make dental services available to special needs individuals who have struggled to find the right practice. As part of our commitment to this support, we can provide safe dental sedation so that treatments are easier for patients to enjoy.

We Understand That Regular Oral Health Services Can Be Difficult For Some Individuals

People with special needs can find it hard to locate a dental practice prepared to provide them with the right treatment experience. Because they have a tougher time securing the right services, they may go without care, leaving them vulnerable to oral health issues that cause discomfort and negatively impact their health. Some families can even find themselves turning to general medical facilities to make sure they have the right support. Our office is ready to help people who need something other than the standard oral health care experience. We are happy to talk with families and patients with special needs to ensure that we can accommodate them and be a reliable provider of smile care!

Providing Special Needs Dental Services

Working with patients as individuals allows us to determine how we can best help them during different oral health services. We understand that people sometimes require different forms of support, and that even routine care can be hard for some to arrange and enjoy. By working closely with special needs patients and their family members, we can assess what type of in-office experience is required. In addition to building positive relationships and taking care to make our office as welcoming and accommodating as possible, we can offer additional comfort through dental sedation.

The Role Sedation Plays In Making Care More Accessible

Dental sedation comes in different forms, and it can offer help to patients in different ways. Longer and more advanced procedures can benefit from the relaxing effect that the right sedative can have. For patients who have different needs, it can be beneficial to provide sedation more regularly; in some cases, it may be required during routine dental exams.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Offers Dental Care For Special Needs Patients

For individuals who have special needs, the right approach to oral health care can differ from what most patients require. Unfortunately, this can make it harder to enjoy support for their teeth. Our practice is proud to accommodate those patients who need a different approach to treatment. If you have questions about special needs dentistry or wish to book an appointment for yourself or a family member, reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!