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We Can Help You Choose The Right Cosmetic Care

When you look into cosmetic dental treatment, you can feel confident in what you would like to change about your appearance. However, you can be less certain about what kind of care might help you see those improvements. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can help you understand what services are available to you. In addition to helping you determine what procedure might be right for reaching your goals, we can help you see benefits from a conservative approach to care. Your care can also include restorative services to take on active problems while also improving how you look.

What Are Your Goals For Cosmetic Treatment?

By taking on a problem with your smile, you can resolve problems that age you, make you look as though you have poor oral health, or just cause general discomfort with your appearance. You can find that even ambitious improvements require less time and effort than you anticipate. One of the benefits to cosmetic treatment is that we can find ways to change how you look that are surprisingly conservative. With that said, patients sometimes experience problems with the way they look that are linked to issues with their health. In these circumstances, we can discuss restorative treatment that can also change your appearance, as well as a smile makeover plan that includes restorative and cosmetic work.

What Can I Accomplish With One Treatment?

If you hope to see many benefits from one procedure, we can help by offering different services. One of those services calls for the placement of porcelain veneers on the front surfaces of teeth that are not attractive and a source of embarrassment for you. We can also look into reshaping, resizing, and even brightening flawed teeth without restorations, as we offer tooth bonding and contouring work. While bonding and contouring can take less time and require less preparatory work, the results from veneers can prove easier to maintain.

Can Restorative Treatment Help Me Improve My Smile?

For teeth that are broken, affected by decay, or missing, the right response to your smile flaws can call for restorative dental work. We can cap teeth with lifelike crowns, or we can use these restorations to restore an incomplete smile by placing them on dental implants. A comprehensive review can help us determine what benefits you can see from this kind of restorative work, and we can see what cosmetic treatment after these services are performed can do for your overall appearance.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Care!

Cosmetic care at our dental office can lead to many exciting changes in the way you look. Whether you have one specific issue that you would like to address or many, we can help you see welcome results! For more information on our practice and services, reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!