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3 Smile Flaws Veneers Can Address

There are different problems that motivate people to look at their options for cosmetic dentistry. What you can learn is that these different issues can often share a recommended treatment approach. This is because your options for care include treatment with porcelain veneers, thin and durable shells that cover the front surfaces of teeth. Our Katy, TX dental office can provide this treatment to help people who are bothered by different matters like dental discoloration, problems with injuries that affect enamel, and even naturally occurring concerns about tooth shape and size. This procedure can be completed in just two appointments, and it can lead to a lasting confidence boost!

1. We Can Address Problems With Intrinsic Discoloration

Intrinsic discoloration differs from discoloration that is treated via teeth whitening treatment. This is because the problem concerns the inner structure of the tooth. It can stem from issues with enamel erosion that let more of your dentin’s color appear, problems with certain medications, and even issues with physical trauma. Many people who have this problem can have it fixed through the placement of porcelain veneers, which can lead to your smile becoming brighter and more uniform.

2. You Can Have Chipped Or Cracked Teeth Restored

Dental injuries do not always require restorative treatments. You can instead find that with porcelain veneers, these issues can be covered so that they no longer make you self-conscious. With this approach, we can reduce the overall changes that need to occur to make your smile more attractive.

3. Your Veneers Can Improve Tooth Shape And Size

While many cosmetic concerns stem from issues with poor oral health or recent physical changes, some people simply have issues with how they look because of natural problems with the shapes or sizes of certain teeth. Problems like these can be addressed discreetly with veneers! We will carefully measure any teeth you want restored to determine what the right veneers can, and should, do to make necessary corrections. Once this work is complete, you can have a more symmetrical and attractive appearance, one that is no longer marred by an awkwardly misshapen tooth.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Veneers And Non-Prep Veneers!

Whether you choose traditional porcelain veneers or non-prep veneers, you can see many meaningful changes to your smile! Our Katy, TX dental office can use these restorations to take on different problems with the way you look. The right improvements can be easier to make than you expect, and you can transform your appearance in less time than you might think possible. For more information on how we can address your cosmetic concerns, call Lathrop Dental Center today at 832-437-3849!