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How We Protect Teeth Harmed By Decay

The damage that a cavity does is permanent. The more time you give a cavity to grow and harm your tooth structure, the more permanent support you will require. Our Katy, TX dental practice is here to support patients whose teeth need help due to dental decay. Cavity treatments can take on the harm to your enamel with restorations that are durable enough to provide bite support as well as attractive enough to preserve the way you look. You can learn more about the state of your smile, and find out if you have any cavities that have not yet caused active discomfort, when you come in for a routine dental exam and cleaning.

Cavities Cause Damage That Your Dentist Will Need To Treat

When you let cavities form, you will have to seek professional dental treatment to make sure that your smile is properly restored. That harm can require different types of care. Decay that is caught in time can be addressed with a dental filling; if the harm is more significant, we can offer help with a dental crown. Without the right support, your oral health and bite function are compromised. Fortunately, we can offer lasting support as well as treatment that preserves how you look.

Using Dental Fillings To Address Problems With Dental Decay

Dental fillings are the more conservative treatment option available to patients. These restorations are administered directly at the site where cavities form. The material we rely on is able to match your tooth structure. Because of this, it will be difficult for people to tell that work of any kind took place. A lifelike restoration can be ready for you in as little as one appointment, which means that you can see the results you desire in a shorter time than you anticipate!

Why Larger Cavities Require Crowns, Not Fillings

Eventually, a cavity will cause so much harm to your tooth structure that we have to cap it with a dental crown. Fillings are effective at discreetly and conservatively caring for teeth, but they are not as effective for more serious damage. Because a crown surrounds the tooth and covers it, this type of care can prove more effective when it comes to taking care of vulnerable teeth. We can offer different types of crowns, including those made to match healthy enamel and preserve how a person looks.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treating Dental Decay

Through the effective treatment of dental decay, we will be able to protect your tooth, preserve your bite function, and even help you remain confident in your smile! Remember that with our routine services, we can both identify cavities in their early stages and provide protection against future issues with decay. For more information, reach out to Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!