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We Can Treat A Problem Tooth With A Crown

Dental problems should not be taken lightly. Until an active problem is dealt with, you are vulnerable to problems with worsening health, as an infection can form and actually spread beyond the tooth. You also need to be concerned with the possible onset of dental pain and sensitivity, as well as issues with discomfort that make it difficult to maintain your bite function. Fortunately, a dental crown provided at our Katy, TX dentist can keep a tooth safe after a tooth’s health issues are addressed. In addition to providing crowns for teeth in need of restorative work, we can supply protection in the form of a replacement for an older crown that is no longer secure or comfortable.

How Does A Crown Keep A Tooth Safe?

Unlike dental fillings, which cover limited portions of the tooth structure to provide protection, dental crowns fully cover teeth above the gums. That kind of coverage is important when you have a more severe cavity or tooth injury that needs to be treated. However, it does require more preparatory work and changes to your enamel, which is why it is only recommended when you have a more significant issue with your oral health. We can provide the right results when a crown is needed, as we can supply treatment with a restoration that is lifelike, durable, and carefully designed to stay secure and comfortable.

Supplying A Crown That Looks Natural And Offers Long-Term Support

To provide the right treatment for your tooth, we will take careful measurements of it and provide any necessary preparatory work to ensure that it is ready for its support with a crown. At a second appointment, we can fit the restoration in place and provide long-term protection. There are different material types that crowns can be made from. When you have work done on a tooth that is more visible when you smile and speak, we can prioritize care with a restoration that imitates healthy enamel.

To provide results in less time, we do have the option of placing a CEREC crown. This type of restoration is made in our office, and it can be fitted in position in as little as one appointment, which means your care is more convenient than you think possible.

Reach Out If You Have An Older Crown That Feels Loose Or Uncomfortable

In addition to providing crowns for teeth that are not in good condition, we can offer care when you have an older restoration that causes you discomfort or feels loose. Not replacing a damaged or uncomfortable crown puts your tooth at risk, and it can create bite issues. We can assess the restoration and your tooth and let you know what kind of care we recommend.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treating A Tooth With A Dental Crown

A custom dental crown can provide important protection for your tooth, and it can offer the kind of support you need to maintain a natural bite while also preserving your appearance. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!