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Jaw Pain? How Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Helps

The consistency of your jaw discomfort can point to an issue with your bite movement that should be corrected. If you let the matter remain untreated, it can lead to further issues with headaches and facial discomfort as well as jaw pain, and it can lead to teeth grinding and the overuse of certain teeth. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be treated. In fact, you can talk to your Katy, TX dentist about how disclusion time reduction (DTR) therapy can ease tension on your joints and muscles by retraining your bite movement. In making this adjustment, we can help you feel less tension, apply and release pressure more evenly, and enjoy life with less discomfort!

Is Jaw Pain A Persistent Issue For You?

Regular bite movements should not be a source of discomfort for you. If it becomes difficult to open and close your jaw without some feelings of pain or resistance, it can point to an imbalance that requires correction. Unfortunately, people sometimes let this issue remain untreated, which means it can become a recurring pain and a trigger for headaches and other problems. With disclusion time reduction (DTR) therapy, we can actually provide a solution for this trouble.

Using DTR Therapy To Ease Issues With Persistent Pain

Without realizing it, people can sometimes develop a tendency to rely on awkward or uneven jaw movements. This can be reflected in imbalances in their application and release of force whenever they bite, something that we can actually measure thanks to Tekscan pressure mapping technology. When this information is gathered, we can use it to determine what kind of corrective efforts should take place. Therapy to readjust the way you move your jaw can lead to important relief that eases the tension on your joints and muscles. This leads to better bite support, more uniform wear and tear on teeth, and fewer problems in your daily life.

Dealing With Dental Health Issues That Affect Your Bite Function

People who have difficulties with their jaw movement and bite pain may need to do something about an oral health issue that makes pressure hard to apply evenly. A tooth that is in poor health, one that is broken, or one that is just not the right size to offer the right support can be an issue for your dental movement. By providing a custom dental crown, we can address this problem and help you avoid further difficulties.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy!

Through disclusion time reduction therapy, you can stop further issues with uneven bite movement from affecting your quality of life. If you feel that recurring jaw pain or tension is something that you need to address, or if there is any other matter related to your smile that you hope to discuss, please contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!