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Restoring A Tooth’s Shape And Size

Whether the problem occurred because of wear and tear or damage, or because you just have a naturally occurring flaw in your smile, a misshapen tooth can be a source of frustration. If you let the problem remain untreated, it can feel like an unwanted focal point that continues to throw off the overall quality of your smile. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can offer effective solutions for problems with teeth that stand out because of an unfortunate shape or size. With a dental crown, we can improve your appearance and oral health. We can also look into a more conservative cosmetic dental procedure in order to make desired changes while limiting the overall work on your tooth structure.

A Misshapen Or Damaged Tooth Can Be An Unsightly Problem

Whether a tooth is naturally misshapen or has had its shape affected by recent problems, its awkward look can be a source of real embarrassment. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to resolve this matter if it makes you feel self-conscious. With a custom dental restoration, we can cover it so that it no longer feels out of place. In some cases, we can recommend more conservative cosmetic services to make welcome changes to the way you look.

What Can You Do To Have A Tooth Discreetly Restored

With both porcelain veneers and tooth bonding and contouring work, we can make sure that misshapen teeth no longer stand out. These restorations are capable of correcting many different issues at one time, so you can also resolve problems with damage and discoloration, and you can even fix a concern about a visible gap or awkward overlap. Veneers require two appointments, as preparatory work needs to happen initially, and a third party lab will need to custom-make the restoration. A dental bonding and contouring procedure can offer a more conservative approach that can conclude in as little as one appointment!

Addressing Oral Health And Cosmetic Issues With One Procedure

With a custom dental crown, we can make sure that your tooth is properly protected, and we can also help you regain confidence in your smile! The restoration will be constructed to fit over the tooth. This is an important degree of protection, as it can defend you if your enamel is in a vulnerable state, and it can offer needed bite support.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Treatment To Restore A Misshapen Tooth

If you have a misshapen tooth that looks awkward and out of place when you smile and speak, we can help! If you would like to learn more, please contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!