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Making Your Smile Better With Non-Prep Veneers

Do you feel confident when you smile, or are you someone who tries to keep yours hidden out of embarrassment? All it takes is one small flaw to make you unhappy with your appearance, as discoloration, poor spacing, or a single tooth injury to hurt how you look and attract unwanted attention. Fortunately, there are effective solutions. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office can actually recommend cosmetic dental work that minimizes changes to your tooth structure, as we provide care with non-prep veneers. An alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, these restorations are slimmer, which means we can remove the need to modify your enamel to make space for them. This one procedure can help you show off a more attractive and confident appearance, making you eager to share your smile with the world!

Do You Feel A Lack Of Confidence In Your Smile?

There are different reasons why people feel a lack of confidence in their smile; for many, more than one flawed tooth affects the way they feel about their appearance. Whether you have one specific change you want to make or many that you would like to see, cosmetic dentistry can help. With the right procedure, you can see impressive changes while enjoying a surprisingly conservative treatment. Thanks to non-prep veneers, we can use durable, custom-made restorations to take on many different problems while still limiting the amount of preparatory work that will have to occur.

See Results From Conservative Non-Prep Veneers

An alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, thinner non-prep veneers are able to take care of different problems such as discoloration, dental damage, trouble with spacing, and more. They are carefully constructed to take care of your teeth, and their slender design means we can forgo modifying your tooth structure to accommodate them. Once in position, they can offer lasting benefits and give you a meaningful confidence boost!

What Else Can Your Dentist Do To Improve How You Look?

Through our different cosmetic services, we can take on the reasons why people have doubts about the way they look. In addition to procedures that minimize permanent changes to your tooth structure, there are services that can change you smile without the need for any permanent alterations. For people who are embarrassed by uneven smiles, we can recommend using Invisalign appliances to make corrections. For those who are bothered by discoloration, we can recommend a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Learn More About Non-Prep Veneers And Treatment Options Provided By Your Katy, TX Dentist!

With non-prep veneers and other cosmetic treatment options, we can help patients see remarkable changes to the way they look whenever they smile and speak. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, please contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!