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Dental Care Accessible To Special Needs Patients

Having a positive experience with smile care helps you in several ways. One is that it ensures that you enjoy the kind of support that will keep your teeth and gums in health. Another benefit is that when you feel comfortable and confident in the care being provided to you, it is easier to keep up with future visits and stay protected. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for those who have special needs to find the right dental practice. If you or a family member has struggled because of this, our Katy, TX dentist’s office can help. We work with those who require different accommodations than most, even when other practices have failed to deliver the right care experience. That support includes the use of safe dental sedation as needed to make sure that proper support can be given.

The Right Treatment Experience For Some Patients Can Be The Wrong Approach For Others

It is easier for some to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair for others. For those who have anxiety about treatment, and for those who have other special needs that can complicate access to dental care, the search for the right practice can grow downright frustrating. With our experience in helping those who are not easily supported in a traditional treatment environment, we can see to it that you enjoy the kind of oral health services that help protect your smile and maintain your oral health. Care for your teeth and gums can offer more value than you realize, as better dental health protects against infections that can hurt your bite function and overall health.

The Role Dental Sedation Can Play In Providing Smile Care

Having a supportive environment and a dentist who understands what you need is important. With that said, many who have special needs or more severe dental anxiety can require more than just this kind of assistance. It may be necessary for you to receive dental sedation in order to undergo care. We can offer this as needed for patients whether they come in for more involved restorative treatment or routine reviews. There are different forms of sedation that can be offered:

  • Nitrous oxide is a gas we administer throughout the appointment. Its effects dissipate shortly after it stops being offered, which means you can recover and return to your normal day with less difficulty.
  • Oral sedatives can provide a more potent calming effect than nitrous oxide. However, their effects do last longer, which is why a patient will need to arrange transportation to and from their visit.
  • For individuals who need the highest level of support, IV sedation is available. An anesthesiologist is on-site to ensure that a patient who receives this has the best possible experience.

Talk To Your Katy, TX Dentist About Special Needs Dentistry

A commitment to providing dental care for special needs patients helps us make sure that people who struggle to find the right smile support can enjoy care that protects their health and preserves how they look when they smile. If you would like to learn more about how we support our patients, contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!