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Dental Implants Give You An Attractive New Tooth

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As you age, your smile is at a higher risk of certain issues. Bone density begins to decrease around the age of fifty, which can loosen the snug connection between the teeth and the bone of the jaw. This can create areas where bacteria can develop and threaten the future of the tooth. When the teeth are loose, you are also more likely to experience damage or loss when chewing as well.

Dental implants provide a biointegrated solution for your instance of tooth loss. This technology relies on the foundation of a titanium post that your dental provider places within the bone of the jaw. After the recovery time is over and your mouth has healed, a new dental prosthetic is attached to this location. Your beautiful new tooth replacement will be able to withstand the daily rigor of chewing and speaking. Discuss your options here at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX for your prosthodontic replacement solution. An extraction is only the beginning of your dental health path, so build a lasting future with implants!

Schedule Your Consultation To Determine Your Next Steps

The process of dental implant placement takes a few steps, and the path is dependent upon your existing smile. Before a titanium implant post can be placed within the bone of the jaw, you will need to schedule a consultation. Your dental health professional will need to take imagery of the location to determine that the current matter is healthy enough to support the post.

For some patients, a bone graft may be an additional procedure necessary to ensure the lasting durability of your prosthodontic solution. This is a process in which donor material grows alongside your natural material to increase density and mass. This tissue may come from elsewhere on your body or an external donor bank.

How Osseointegration Helps Bring A Lasting Dental Improvement

The success of a dental implant relies on its threaded post. These are made of titanium because this metal interacts in a special manner. Your immune system actually identifies this post as a natural part of your body and protects it. Once the body heals around it, it creates a close connection that can support a new prosthetic tooth!

Lasting Prosthodontic Solutions In Katy, TX

Give us a shout at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at (832)437-3849 to schedule a consultation to determine if dental implants are the right choice for your specific smile. Call us to learn more about the benefits of a biointegrated prosthodontic tooth replacement. Live for the future with the durability and vigor of a snug connection that can help retain your bite strength!