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Using 3D Models To Plan Smile Care

At the end of treatment for your smile, you should look forward to results that give you confidence in your appearance, health, and bite function. To ensure this happens, the right preparatory work needs to take place. This is particularly true when more involved work, including work to restore an incomplete smile, must take place. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we rely on advanced technology to provide the right care for our patients. One way we rely on technology for support is through the creation of advanced 3D models that help us plan important treatments, including treatment that will involve the placement and restoration of dental implants. The models that we print on site provide remarkably accurate replicas of teeth and oral structures, which we can then use to make sure that planning for your care ends with remarkable success!

The Importance Of Planning In Dentistry

Before dental services that affect your smile proceed, the right preparatory work should take place. We can actually do a remarkable degree of planning while making the gathering of information more comfortable for you. Part of why this is the case is because we can take detailed measurements, confirm that we are proceeding with the right kind of care, and even work through a service to identify and avoid potential complications. In addition to using a 3D printer to create physical models that we can work with, we rely on digital x-rays for thorough views, which lets us look closely at underlying tooth structures in addition to assessing the outer structure.

Using Models To Prepare For Important Services

We rely on an in-office 3D printer to take models of teeth and oral structures. Having this technology means that we can create a model to work with to make sure everything is prepared and that the treatment you have planned will be a success! Keeping this kind of technology in-house lets us proceed with care faster. Remember, the more you can do with your primary dentist, the easier it will be to prepare everything and proceed through care in order to see lasting results!

More Beneficial Technology We Use At Our Practice

Imaging and model work help with more than just the restoration of teeth in poor condition. We can actually use advanced pressure mapping technology to perform reviews of your bite function and health! Thanks to Tekscan pressure mapping technology, we have what we need to determine how your jaw movements should be corrected to lower your risk for troubles with TMJ disorder.

Our Katy, TX Dentist’s Office Can Provide Advanced Care For Your Smile Services

3D modeling with in-office technology makes it easier for us to do important preparatory work, which means you can count on successful care and lasting results from restorative work at our office! If you have questions about how we can take care of your smile, please contact Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849!