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We Provide Convenient Care With Same-Day Crowns

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What kind of treatment experience can you expect when you receive a dental crown? Ideally, your treatment will offer you lasting improvements, as well as corrections that preserve your appearance. You should also feel confident that you can bite and chew without potentially damaging your restoration. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office is prepared to provide these kinds of results. Because our options for care include work with CEREC same-day crowns, we can also deliver positive results in a shorter time than you anticipate! While crowns are often made by third party labs, CEREC technology makes it possible for us to produce them on-site. This leads to their creation and placement all in the span of one appointment!

What Dental Crowns Need To Do To Protect Teeth

A dental crown has an important task, one that it will be expected to provide for many years. The restoration covers a tooth that is in a vulnerable state. This can be linked to a problem with an injury, or it could stem from issues with a cavity too severe for a dental filling. In some circumstances, it will be placed on a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. The restoration needs to offer the durability needed to absorb bite support and prevent difficulties with poor jaw movement. It will also need to protect any underlying tooth structure while it also leaves neighboring teeth safe from harm. In many cases, lifelike and convenient CEREC crowns can provide these benefits while making your wait for a restoration shorter.

Using CEREC Technology To Produce Durable And Attractive Crowns

CEREC technology provides us with all that we need to craft and place durable restorations. To provide the right kind of fit and support, we take digital impressions of the tooth. From this, we are able to create a digital model for a crown that has the right dimensions to securely fit your tooth. An in-office milling machine will then produce it so that your dentist can cap your tooth and keep it safe from future harm. This process produces restorations made from a ceramic material, which means you have protection as well as coverage that matches your healthy enamel!

Making Sure You Have The Right Protection For Your Oral Health And Smile

The right type of restorative care is important, as you will need to have protection that preserves your bite function and limits risks to the underlying tooth structure. We can provide different types of crowns as needed; while porcelain and zirconia materials provide lifelike appearances as well as support, metal materials are sometimes used when there is a need to support back teeth that require more protection. In some cases, we can proceed with care using porcelain veneers; these slim shells cover the front surfaces of teeth to hide less severe problems with damage or wear and tear, and they can also help to improve a tooth’s shape and color.

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