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Treating Migraines With DTR

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When you have untreated TMJ disorder, or a case of bruxism (teeth grinding), then you need treatment to avoid worsening pain, including migraines and jaw pain. To offer a minimally invasive solution, we could use Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR). In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist is discussing this noninvasive treatment option.

Migraines and Jaw Joint Disorders

Our jaw joints connect our jaw to our skull and provide the movements we need to eat and speak. When these become strained, this stress could lead to the onset of TMJ disorder, which impacts how fully we can open and close our mouths. This could also lead to bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. Factors behind these disorders could include missing teeth, misalignment, injury to the face or jaw, high stress levels, and problems with the growth and development of the jaw. While these are two different disorders, both TMJ dysfunction and bruxism could lead to headaches and migraines, as well as jaw pain and aches in the neck and face. When you experience these symptoms, let us know right away!

Disclusion Time Reduction

To help treat TMJ issues or bruxism, and put a stop to your regular migraines, our team may recommend Disclusion Time Reduction therapy, or DTR. This is a noninvasive and comfortable treatment option that corrects bite imbalance to ease strain on your jaw joints and bring relief from headaches and other painful symptoms. Our team will thoroughly examine your smile and gather detailed digital images to assess the factors behind your imbalance. We then make minor changes to the bite surface of your smile based on these images. We can remove structure and add to it with dental bonding to improve the overall balance and ease any stress on the joints. This helps prevent TMJ discomfort and bruxism episodes, preserving your smile and reducing migraine episodes.

Managing Your Oral Health

You can help protect your smile and reduce periods of grinding by avoiding very hard or chewy foods, and using a warm washcloth to the side of the face to ease strain in the muscles and joints. We also recommend cutting back on caffeinated products too. Be sure to see us every six months, so we can monitor your smile and ensure proper balance. If you have any questions about treating TMJ and bruxism related migraines, then contact our team today to learn more about DTR. A healthy and strong smile is possible, so let’s improve your smile in 2023.

Improving Bite Balance For Your Smile In Katy, TX

Our team is ready to help find the best solution for your TMJ dysfunction with a unique treatment known as Disclusion Time Reduction therapy. Call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX today at 832-437-3849 to schedule a consultation and find relief from headaches and jaw pain.