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Let’s Reshape Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

When you need dramatic improvements for your smile, you need more than just teeth whitening. Fortunately, we have a single treatment option that can reshape and enhance your smile in only two visits. In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist talks about improving smiles with our porcelain veneers.

The Cosmetic Capabilities of Our Veneers

Since porcelain veneers cover the front and sides of the teeth, these can offer dramatic improvement for your smile instantly. For example, we can correct the appearance of minor misalignment, offering you a straighter looking smile without the use of braces or aligners. They also mask permanent teeth stains, which could otherwise resist traditional teeth whitening systems. Veneers can reshape malformed teeth, repair minor chips and cracks, and lengthen teeth worn down by bruxism (teeth grinding). Placement could also fill unsightly gaps between your teeth too!

Creating and Placing Them

Each one we provide will be custom-made for your smile. To begin the veneer placement process, we will numb the tooth receiving one and then gently remove structure from it. Next, we will take digital images of the teeth, which we use to create impressions and then design and craft the finished product. When they’re ready, we will attach them with a powerful bonding agent after checking the fit and making any necessary adjustments. The porcelain we create them from can be shaded to blend with surrounding teeth seamlessly, and is also very strong and durable, able to absorb daily bite forces. This is the reason the same material is often used to create crowns and dental prosthetics.

Keeping Them Bright

With route care at home, and regular visits to our office, you can keep them bright and safeguard the teeth we’ve attached them to from the impacts of tooth decay and gum disease. You should take time to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, one in the morning and again at night. Each session should take two minutes. You also need to floss in the evening to remove what a toothbrush alone cannot reach. Try to also limit your consumption of sugary foods and drinks too. A checkup and cleaning every six months can allow our team to monitor your smile, and also remove all harmful layers of plaque and tartar buildup, so your smile stays healthy.

If you have any questions about how we treat common esthetics issues with our porcelain veneers, or about any of our other cosmetic treatment options, then contact our team today.

Transform Your Smile In Katy, TX

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