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When Does A Tooth Require Extraction?

When possible, we want to use restorations like fillings or crowns to preserve and protect a tooth. But in some situations, the need actually needs to be removed to protect the smile from major complications. In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist explains when a safe and gentle tooth extraction is needed!

The Reasons We Prescribe Extraction

A tooth may need to be removed if it is too decayed, infected, or damaged to be repaired with a crown, as leaving it in place could lead to tooth loss and the spread of infection to other parts of the smile. Extraction could also be used to take out wisdom teeth before they arrive, preventing painful impaction and other changes to the smile. We could take out teeth loosened by gum disease, or to make room for orthodontic treatment. The procedure could be conducted to make room for a prosthetic, such as a full denture.

The Removal Process

First, we will take detailed digital x-rays of your smile, so we can pinpoint the position of the tooth, as well as any nearby sinus cavities, nerve tissues, or blood vessels. We then plan the extraction to avoid these areas. Prior to the procedure, we will administer a local anesthetic to the area where the tooth is being removed and possibly sedation, so you enter a calm and relaxed state. We then gently extract the tooth with a pair of forceps and suture the area closed. The procedure could take as little as 30 minutes, and you need to have a friend or family member on hand to bring you home, as sedation could leave you feeling groggy.

What Happens Next?

Our team will send you home with detailed aftercare instructions, and also prescriptions for any necessary medications. At home, you should avoid using straws, prodding the site with your tongue, and any activity. Just rest, eat soft foods, and be gentle when you brush and floss. We will remove the sutures in a follow up visit. If you have a gap in your smile due to the extracted tooth, we could discuss the placement of dental bridges or even dental implants to help restore your smile.

If you have any questions about how and when we extract teeth, or about tooth replacement with lifelike dental prosthetics, then contact our team today to learn more. We’re ready to help you enjoy optimal oral health and a beautiful smile!

Your Katy, TX, Dentist Provides Restorative Dental Care

Our team wants to facilitate a comfortable and gentle tooth extraction to help protect your smile from major oral health concerns. For more information on our restorative dental treatment options, including tooth extraction, then call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849 to schedule a visit.