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Offering Full Mouth Reconstruction For Your Smile

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If you have multiple problems with the health of your teeth, we could offer a comprehensive service to restore your smile. While individual cavities may be treated with a single filling or dental crown, a full mouth reconstruction can transform the entire look and function of your grin. While you may feel overwhelmed by the current state of your mouth, you can gain valuable peace of mind knowing that we can provide desirable strength and support to your teeth.

At your Katy, TX dental practice, we provide a keen eye for restorative dental practices. At your initial examination, we perform a holistic evaluation of your oral health to determine which treatments can best restore your smile.

Examine The State Of Your Smile

We discover the need for a full mouth reconstruction at your initial consult for restorative services. While the need for individual treatments is often found at routine dental cleanings, you may need a more comprehensive service if it has been a long time since you last visited the dentist. Do not feel alarmed or embarrassed as returning your healthy smile is our top priority! We will take a record of your current oral health and treatment history and then proceed to gather images of your smile. By taking digital photos and x-rays of your teeth and jaw, we gain a greater understanding of your needs beyond that of the naked eye. By instantly developing a picture of your mouth, we can walk you through our diagnoses during this initial visit to our practice. Moving forward, we work with you to create a full treatment plan to identify which procedures best complete your full mouth reconstruction.

Repairing Your Teeth

For cracks, chips, and breaks, we have multiple options to repair the surface of your teeth. Bonding services can build up lost material to return its original shape, while contouring allows us to smooth out rough edges after injury. We could also create custom dental crowns to place on areas with significant damage. By designing a natural-looking cap, we return the beauty of your smile while providing critical support to your bite. Combining these techniques can help align your bite to limit ongoing harm caused by malocclusion. If we discover an infection in one of your teeth, we could also perform a root canal therapy during your full mouth reconstruction. For teeth that are lost or require an extraction, we can design lifelike prosthetic implants that provide permanent restoration.

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist To Learn About Your Options For A Full Mouth Reconstruction

Do not let multiple problems with your teeth and jaw make you feel overwhelmed. With a comprehensive exam of your entire mouth, we can plan a full reconstruction to restore the function and beauty of your smile! For more information on addressing your serious oral health concerns, please call your Katy, TX dentist at (832)437-3849 to schedule a visit with a member of Lathrop Dental Center.