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Does One Of Your Teeth Need A Filling?

Brushing and flossing your teeth each day forms the foundation of your oral hygiene. When you make it a priority to remove dental plaque, you prevent it from contributing to tooth decay and gum disease. Your regular trips to the dentist for professional checkups reinforce these habits and inspect your smile for signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, even those with the most ardent brushing and flossing habits can receive a cavity from time to time. And if you have been slacking on your oral hygiene or it has been a long time since your last visit to the dentist, your chances for decay may be even higher. If we detect a hole in one of your teeth, we can provide restoration to return the seal of your tooth’s enamel and prevent the damage from spreading. Depending on the size and scope of your cavity, a filling could offer this repair.

At your Katy, TX dental practice, we encourage our patients to visit every six months. These routine visits allow us to create a dental record and track any sudden changes in your oral health. In addition to examining your smile, we provide regular cleanings that help prevent tooth decay from occurring in the first place. But when a cavity strikes, we are here to help! By taking care of your caries, we help you maintain healthy smiles for years to come!

When Tooth Decay Weakens Your Smile

A healthy tooth enjoys a strong enamel outer layer that protects it from the rigors of daily biting and chewing. In addition to withstanding this force, it prevents oral bacteria from accessing the sensitive insides of your tooth and causing damage. But if poor oral hygiene or physical trauma breaks this seal, you can take on a cavity that progressively destroys the healthy material of your tooth. By prioritizing cleaning your teeth, you can prevent the acidic wear of plaque that gather there.

Restoring Your Tooth With A Dental Filling

If we discover a cavity during your examination, we will suggest removing and repairing it right away. To begin, we numb the affected area with an anesthetic for your comfort. Using special tools, we then clear out all decaying material to end the decay process. To complete the procedure, we insert composite resin that composes your filling. By coloring it to match your natural tooth and polishing the result, your smile can shine brightly once again!

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Receiving Treatment for a Cavity

If it has been a while since your last dental visit, we can examine your smile to return it to optimal health. If we discover a cavity, we could treat it right away and prevent the damage from becoming worse. To learn more about preventing and removing decay, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849 to schedule a visit.