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Discover The Advantages Of A Dental Implant

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Have you lost one or more of your natural teeth or been given a diagnosis requiring an extraction? When you need a replacement for a missing tooth, talk to a team of trusted dental professionals about your options in prosthodontic repair. With a biocompatible dental implant, you can have a strong bite with the power of advanced science.

At our office of implant dentistry experts in Katy, TX, you have the opportunity to renew your smile after losing one or more of your natural teeth, all made possible with a new dental implant. This technique harnesses the special properties of titanium in providing you with a strong connection between your prosthetic and your jaw. During the short period of recovery, the body grows tightly around the threads in your titanium implant post, providing a sturdy foundation for your prosthetic. Your instance of tooth loss is not the end of your dental story, so schedule your appointment for a consultation and learn about how a dental implant can help you to renew your smile!

When You Lose A Tooth, Talk To Your Dentist About Dental Implants

Dentistry is primarily focused on helping you to retain as much of your natural smile as possible as you age, but sometimes, you may require the extraction of one or more of your teeth. This might feel like a disappointment, but know that your dentist is making the decision for the future of your entire smile.

When you lose a tooth or receive a diagnosis requiring an extraction, ask your dentist about your options in prosthodontic repair. This is a dedicated field of dentistry that deals with the replacement of lost teeth, giving you back the function and appearance of your natural smile. A dental implant is just one of your possibilities, so talk to your oral health provider about your next steps.

A Dental Implant Helps To Improve Your Smile With A Strong Connection

If you have been looking at your options in replacing your missing tooth, take the time to learn about the benefits of a biocompatible dental implant. With this method of smile repair, your provider places a durable titanium rod into the bone of your jaw. This metal has a special property that helps your body to accept this new implant post as if it were your own tissue. After your recovery period, your dentist will attach your new prosthetic to the post, giving you a functional and gorgeous replacement for your missing tooth!

Schedule Your Consultation For Dental Implants In Katy, TX

The loss of a tooth is not the end of your story. Talk to our team about how a dental implant can help you to restore your smile by calling us at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832)437-3849!