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A Versatile Treatment For Smile Enhancement

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Do you have any imperfections in your smile you have been thinking about correcting? Because our grins are the center of attention when making our presence known, cosmetic dentistry offers valuable social and psychological benefits! When you know that your smile is looking as good as can be, you gain the self-confidence of putting forward the best version of yourself possible. When you have more than one flaw you would like to correct, porcelain veneers can address concerns that otherwise may require multiple treatments. If you have issues with discoloration, cracks or chips, spacing between teeth, or height lost to wear and tear, you may find this solution highly valuable!

At your Katy, TX, dental practice, we understand that an otherwise entirely healthy smile may not appear at its best due to cosmetic issues. While we stress the importance of preventive dental care for maintaining your oral health, we believe that your satisfaction with your appearance can be vital to your sense of well-being. By understanding the role ceramic caps can play in enhancing your smile, you will see how much improvement we can offer without significant alteration to your natural teeth.

Veneers Can Tackle Multiple Imperfections At Once

At Lathrop Dental Center, we offer a variety of cosmetic services to help you address flaws in your smile. When you have an individual tooth that needs work, bonding, and contouring can shape it to your desired outcome. We also offer professional teeth whitening to help you remove stains that live inside the enamel of your smile. But when you have a host of problems across multiple teeth, a set of ceramic caps can cover cracks, chips, and discolored teeth in one treatment.

Planning Your Smile Treatment

When you visit our practice, we will examine your smile and discuss your concerns. We will take digital images of your teeth to create a digital imprint that helps design your new set of veneers. These precise measurements help us plan how your caps will fit on your existing smile. We discuss the size, shape, and color of the treatment to match your desires.

Attaching Your Restorations

At a follow-up appointment, we will affix your veneers directly to the front of your teeth after making minor alterations to secure them in place. Your new caps should bond securely by the end of the day and allow you to continue your regular oral habits. To best care for your smile moving forward, continue to brush and floss regularly and attend your dental checkups.

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Improving Your Smile

We invite you to explore cosmetic dental treatments for complementing your smile’s natural beauty. If you have multiple flaws you would like to address, porcelain veneers may be just the solution you are looking for! To find out more about these custom restorations, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849 to schedule a visit.