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Dental Cleanings Help Remove Harmful Layers Of Plaque

Over time, what we eat and our oral hygiene habits could impact how severe your plaque and tartar buildup is, and alter the health of your smile. Which is why patients of all ages need to have a dental cleaning twice a year. In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist talks about the importance of a dental cleaning.

The Causes of Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Over time, certain harmful bacteria in our mouths will break down any particles of sugar and starch left behind by the foods and drinks we consume. In the process, this elevates oral acidity and coats the teeth in plaque buildup. The buildup then weakens enamel to cause cavities, and could also inflame gum tissues to cause gingivitis and even gum disease. The buildup is also linked to bad breath and even teeth stains. While brushing and flossing daily can limit how much plaque and tartar accumulates, only a professional cleaning can remove the layers and protect your smile. Which is why people of all ages need a visit every six months.

Removing Harmful Bacteria

Our team will remove all plaque and tartar layers and deposits from the teeth with a traditional dental cleaning. The procedure involves our team using an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool to remove the buildup from the surfaces of the teeth. We then polish the teeth so plaque and tartar have a more difficult time adhering to the outer surfaces. The polishing also leads to a brighter smile too! Since serious oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease take months to form, regular visits every six months mean we can better protect your smile from poor oral health.

Scaling and Root Planing

What if you have the symptoms of gingivitis or the early stages of gum disease, such as red, sore, or bleeding gums? In these situations, we may offer a deep cleaning. Also known as a scaling and root planing, the procedure involves our team removing buildup from both the teeth and the roots, and from beneath the gums. The process is more involved and may take more than one visit to complete. We will numb your smile to keep you comfortable, and again we complete the process by polishing your teeth.

If you have any questions about removing harmful buildup with a dental cleaning, then contact our team today.

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Removing Harmful Layers from Your Smile

A simple visit every six months could keep your teeth bright and beautiful! For more information on how our team can keep smiles of all ages strong, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849 to schedule a visit.