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Simple Treatments For Repairing Cavities

A preventive attitude toward your oral health combines regular at-home care with timely professional checkups. The effort you make to clean your smile each day forms the groundwork for removing common smile threats. By visiting with your dentist, we can remove certain bacterial deposits that you cannot remove on your own at home. We complement professional cleanings with an examination to detect any changes in your smile early in its development. This can lead to a more conservative treatment than waiting to schedule a visit until damage becomes apparent at home. When cavities strike, early detection could mean receiving a simple dental filling instead of needing a more costly procedure to repair your tooth’s function and appearance.

At your Katy, TX dental office, we provide routine dental cleanings and examinations to help you stay on top of your oral health. This helps us create a dental record and schedule timely treatments when you require service beyond cleaning your smile. When you exhibit signs of tooth decay, we can clean out any decaying material and place a composite resin filling to return strength to your tooth and prevent future reinfection.

When Oral Bacteria Wear Away At Your Smile

When a tooth is healthy, its outer enamel layer protects the inside from physical trauma and oral bacteria. By clearing food debris and dental plaque from your smile each morning and evening, you prevent a buildup of harmful material that can threaten the integrity of your smile. Left alone, your bacterial deposits can wear down the enamel layer until permanent holes, or cavities, appear. When this happens, you require professional assistance to diagnose and remove your decay. Because this procedure leaves an opening in your tooth’s structure, a dental filling provides a quick and simple method for returning the shape and protection of your tooth’s outer layer.

How We Repair Your Tooth After Removing Decay

At each routine checkup, we can perform a visual examination to see if signs of tooth decay are present. To help diagnose the size and location of your carry, we can perform a digital x-ray to better plan for your restoration. Depending on these factors, we could place a dental crown or filling to repair your tooth. Each is made from a composite resin material that blends with the natural shade of your smile while restoring the strength of your bite. By taking careful measurements of your tooth, we ensure that its shape returns after removing tooth decay.

Talk To Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Receiving Treatment for Your Cavity

Prioritizing your oral care can reduce the likelihood of decay and provide treatment when we detect it. To find out more about preventing and removing decay, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849 to schedule a visit.