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We Treat A Wide Variety Of Oral Health Problems

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A strong commitment to oral hygiene and regular dental checkups go a long way in maintaining the quality of your smile. But what if you need care outside of your normal checkup schedule? We are happy to provide dental services in both immediate emergencies or whenever you would like to see us a bit sooner than normal.

At your Katy, TX dental practice, we treat problems with your teeth, gums, and jaw whenever you have pain or another symptom that requires care. By learning to identify common symptoms that call for extra attention, you can receive relief in short order. Today’s blog discusses signs you need dental care.

Inflamed Or Bleeding Gums

Whenever you notice a change in the appearance or feeling of your gum tissues, it is important to call our office as soon as possible. Whenever your gums become sore or bleed whenever you brush or floss your teeth, this usually indicates problems with gingivitis or more advanced forms of gum disease. By detecting these problems early, we may be able to completely reverse them before they become permanent. Otherwise, waiting for treatment can allow the bacteria to reach your jawbone where the infection must be treated for a lifetime. When this happens, we can put you on a periodontal maintenance schedule to provide additional cleaning and support that maintains your oral health.

Constant Toothaches

If you wake up with an ache in one of your teeth that will not go away after a day or so, schedule an appointment. Toothaches are symptoms of a bacterial infection within the tooth’s pulp chamber. Without treatment, the bacteria risks spreading to other parts of your body. Fortunately, we can provide root canal therapy that removes all foreign material from the inside of your tooth. Because this procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we will place a dental crown to restore your bite’s function and appearance.

Missing Teeth

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, we can examine your smile to determine what replacement options best serve you. Using digital imaging techniques, we can assess the strength of your jawbone to determine if you qualify for a dental implant. We also provide restorative services with the aid of a dental bridge. If you have more advanced forms of tooth loss, we can design a set of dentures that completely restores your missing smile. Remember that actively treating tooth loss helps prevent oral complications that come with gaps left in your smile, so do not hesitate to reach out!

Talk To Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Scheduling Your Next Visit

If you notice a problem with your smile, we can provide restorative treatment to help you regain its strength. To learn more about identifying the causes of oral health problems or the treatments we provide, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849 to schedule a visit.