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When Was Your Last Teeth Cleaning?

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Have you been to the dentist in the last year? If it has been a while since you received a routine cleaning, it’s never to late to make your smile care a priority! You will find that the professional care offered during an examination is the perfect complement to your at-home oral hygiene routine. While brushing and flossing are necessary to prevent deposits that cause decay from taking hold, sometimes your tools are not enough to remove every threat. We also strengthen your smile by creating a dental record that quickly identifies whenever any abrupt changes appear in your teeth and gums. If we detect cavities or gum disease, we can immediately begin treatment instead of waiting for painful symptoms to spur you to seek an examination.

At your Katy, TX, dental practice, we look forward to seeing you at least twice per year. When you visit biannually, you give yourself the best shot at maintaining as healthy of a smile as possible. It is always better to preserve healthy tissue rather than wait and repair dental damage, so please attend each visit to ensure that your smile is at its best!

The Importance Of Removing Plaque And Tartar

When your teeth are healthy, their outer enamel surface prevents bacteria from accessing the more sensitive inner layers of dentin and pulp. To maintain this strength, regularly brushing and flossing your teeth cleans away the combination of bacteria and food that form deposits on your smile’s surface. However, when you neglect to keep up with your daily hygiene, plaque produces an acidic byproduct as bacteria continue to multiply. Eventually, this acid wears away at your enamel, leaving permanent holes that can lead to significant damage and the potential for infection. This same substance can irritate your gum tissues, leading to serious problems with periodontal disorders that lead to missing teeth. To prevent these harms from affecting your smile, make sure to attend a cleaning at least twice a year.

Special Care For Gum Disease

If we notice gum infection during your checkup, we can put you on periodontal maintenance to preserve your tissues and allow them to heal. While gum disease that reaches the jawbone becomes permanent, routine maintenance can prevent the progression of the disease and stop the bone loss that leads to losing teeth. By cleaning both under and above your gum line, we remove bacteria that continue to feed your body’s inflammatory response.

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Removing Tooth Decay from Your Smile

Stay on top of your oral hygiene by attending routine cleanings and exams. To learn more about how our team can keep smiles of all ages strong, please call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849 to schedule a visit.