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Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Implant

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Have you recently lost one of your teeth? Dental loss impacts your day in a variety of ways. While the impact on your appearance is immediate, functional aspects of an incomplete smile make themselves apparent as well. Because our smile relies on each tooth to properly distribute the force of your bite, losing a tooth means the remaining teeth take advanced wear and tear. This can break down your enamel and contribute to worsening dental misalignment. You may even notice that your voice sounds different as you can no longer use the missing tooth to help articulate speech. Many patients find living with an open socket painful at times when sharp foods get stuck. This makes mealtime an exercise in avoiding pain rather than one of enjoyment. But by exploring your options for prosthodontic replacement, we can return your smile with an implanted tooth.

At your Katy, TX, dental office, we combine preventive services to protect your healthy teeth with restorative treatments to restore function after sustaining damage. When it comes to missing teeth, an implant offers the unique benefit of steadily securing your jawbone potentially for the rest of your life. By transmitting the force of your bite through your implant post, this prosthetic option helps maintain bone mass to prevent your face from premature aging. For more advanced forms of dental loss, we can also help you explore dentures that we could secure permanently with implants. Find out more by asking us how prosthetic dentistry can benefit your smile today!

Returning Your Smile After Dental Loss

By staying on top of your checkups and cleanings, we can monitor the health of your smile regularly. This helps us create a dental record that tracks when sudden changes appear in the status of your teeth. By removing bacterial deposits that gather between teeth, we reduce your risks of developing the primary contributors to missing teeth. However, it is still possible to experience sudden injuries that knock out one of your teeth. If you have a sporting accident or other unfortunate event, remember that time is of the essence when returning a tooth to its socket. Gather your missing tooth in a jar of milk and bring it to our office for repair. If we are unable to place the missing tooth back in its place, we can explore prosthetic options to repair your smile.

Your Dental Implant

When you select dental implants for replacing missing teeth, you enjoy a permanent post placed directly inside the jawbone. By going through the open socket, your oral tissues fuse to hold it securely for years to come. When you heal from the procedure, we can place a dental crown above the gum that completes your new tooth.

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Your Options For Prosthodontic Repair!

Let us know if you have recently lost one of your teeth. We can help explore your options for returning your smile. Talk to our team about how a dental implant can help by calling us at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849!