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We Can Brighten Your Smile

Do you wish your smile could be a little brighter? Well, with professional teeth whitening we can brighten your teeth by several shades with a take-home kit! In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist talks about our professional take-home whitening kit, and how we can use other treatments to mask more severe staining.

The Impact of Teeth Stains

Do you have unsightly yellow or brown stains on your teeth? If so, these could be caused by a number of factors. When we consume foods with lots of sugar and starch, this leaves behind particles for harmful oral bacteria to break down, which creates plaque that in turn makes stains more visible. Beverages with dark pigments, like soda, tea, red wine, and coffee, could also discolor your smile. Teeth stains are linked to tobacco use and lack of dental cleanings too! These could make you feel self-conscious and even lead you to hide your smile. Instead, talk to our team about our professional teeth whitening.

At-Home Treatment

Our team provides an at-home teeth whitening treatment that brightens your smile by up to eight shades over a period of one to two weeks. This procedure also reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity following treatment too. We will send you home with a set of plastic trays and a bleaching gel. You then add gel to the trays and wear them for a set amount of time per day, usually about an hour. The trays ensure the results are even, and prevent saliva from diluting the strength of the gel. You can keep the trays and any leftover gel for touch-ups down the road.

Porcelain Veneers

Professional teeth whitening can remove most extrinsic stains, the type that form on the surfaces of your teeth. But what about intrinsic stains, the kind that form beneath your outer enamel? For these, our team could provide porcelain veneers. These thin restorations actually cover the teeth and instantly mask teeth stains, even permanent ones. Veneers also address issues with the shape of your teeth or with gaps between them. If you have any questions about our approach to cosmetic dentistry, or about teeth whitening or porcelain veneers in particular then please reach out today and schedule a cosmetic consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enjoy your best possible smile!

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Our Cosmetic Treatments  

We have cosmetic treatments to help you obtain a bright and beautiful smile! Our team is ready to offer care that makes your smile shine and helps you feel more confident as a result. Talk to our team about teeth whitening by calling us at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849! Now is a great time to finally address those cosmetic imperfections!