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The Benefits Of Our Non-Prep Veneers

In our previous blog, we talked about our traditional porcelain veneers, and how we use them to make major cosmetic improvements in just two visits. But we also have another version, one that doesn’t require the loss of outer tooth structure. In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist talks about our non-prep veneers!

The Lifelike Nature of Porcelain

The porcelain we use to create the cosmetic restoration is very strong and durable, and able to handle daily bite forces and pressures. We often use the same material to create crowns and even prosthetics, such as bridges. The material is also translucent like natural tooth enamel, which means it offers a more lifelike appearance, especially when we color match it to blend with your smile seamlessly. Our team can place veneers to cover the front and sides of the teeth to offer major cosmetic improvement, addressing issues like permanent teeth stains, gaps between teeth, injuries to the teeth or misshapen structures. We can also correct the appearance of minor misalignment too!

Non-Prep vs. Traditional

The traditional veneer requires our team to gently remove a thin layer from outer enamel, making room for the restoration. This means the veneer placement process could take two visits to complete. But with the non-prep option, we don’t need to remove any tooth structure, as the veneers are incredibly thin and can instantly be attached to your teeth. If needed, they can be removed or replaced in the future without complication, as your tooth is whole and healthy. You also don’t need any anesthesia for the placement process, and can leave with a transformed smile after only one sitting. Both options are a great way to tackle multiple cosmetic issues, but offer faster results you may consider the non-prep option!

Placing Your New Restorations

When we place your new restoration, you will have an instantly transformed tooth. We could use one or several, providing a smile makeover that helps you feel confident. With good oral hygiene, you can help the last for years to come and remain bright the endure time. We could also whiten teeth beforehand to ensure they match your brightest smile and offer optimal results. If you have any questions about our traditional porcelain veneers or our lifelike non-prep version, then please reach out to our team. Customized cosmetic treatment is always available!

Speak With Your Katy, TX, Dentist About Custom Cosmetic Restorations   

In as little as one visit our team can provide cosmetic dental restorations that address multiple concerns with the color and shape of your teeth. Talk to our team about transforming your smile’s health and beauty, by calling us at Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at (832) 437-3849! We want you to smile without hesitation again!