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What Snoring Means For Your Health

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Do you snore on a frequent basis? If so, this could be linked to a serious disorder known as sleep apnea, one that could lead to major issues with your daily life and overall health. Which is why care to improve your sleep is so critical. In today’s blog, your Katy, TX, dentist talks about the risks of snoring and the connection to sleep apnea.

Snoring and the Sleep Apnea Link

Do you snore at night? If so, this could prevent your significant other from resting, and could be a symptom of a serious disorder known as sleep apnea. Snoring means the airways are being partially blocked, so a loud sound is being created as air is forced through these passages, vibrating soft tissues. Sleep apnea takes it a step further, these same tissues now completely block airflow so you stop breathing for a few seconds until the brain registers the drop in oxygen and wakes you. This interrupts your REM sleep, but you may not be aware of this breathing cessation throughout the night. Over time, the disorder could even strain your iomante system and your heart health!

Diagnosis and Treatment

You should talk to us if you experience chronic snoring, or episodes of waking suddenly choking or gasping for air. Dry mouth, headaches, irritability, and trouble concentrating or issues with memory could also be potential warning signs, so don’t ignore these symptoms and talk to our team right away. We will take detailed digital images and measurements of your smile from multiple angles, using them in a lab setting to design and craft an oral appliance that you wear at night. The device moves your jaw and tongue forward to prevent the partial and full collapse of soft tissues, so you breathe easily and don’t snore. This helps you rest, and the device is easy to clean and store, and can even accompany you on your holiday trips.

Better Sleeping Habits

You can also help with improved sleep habits. For example, go to bed and wake up at the same time daily, and keep your bedroom dark and cool. Avoid screens right before bed, and also avoid excessive alcohol, large meals, or vigorous exercise right before bed too. Rest on your side instead of your back. If you have any questions about how our team diagnoses and treats sleep apnea with a custom sleep device, then contact our team today. We want to help you enjoy not only a good night’s rest, but better health and improved quality of life too.

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