Taking Care Of Smile Troubles Through Bonding And Contouring

By taking aim at those frustrating little problems that hurt the way certain teeth look, you can make a pronounced improvement to your overall smile. In some cases, flaws can be specific to one tooth, or a few teeth. You may have a tooth that seems to clash with the color of its neighbors. You might have one that is too large or small, or looks uneven. Your smile could be affected by dental damage that has not been remedied. For these specific issues, a dental bonding and contouring procedure can lead to big improvements. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office offers many cosmetic dental procedures, and you can look forward to amazing work when you come in seeking positive esthetic changes.  (more…)

Your Bite Problems May Lead To Chronic Discomfort

Stiffness in your jaw joints can lead to pain or limited movement when you bite, chew, or try to talk. These problems can be a result of TMJ dysfunction, an issue that can cause many people pain. While the problem is concentrated on your jaw, there are also pains that can affect your face, neck, and head. Your discomfort may be a consequence of problems that concern the way you apply pressure when you bite. If your bite alignment is flawed, it can create strain on your jaw joints, while also putting too much pressure on certain teeth, a problem that can lead to dental damage. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can examine your bite using DTR therapy, which can help plan an effective treatment for your TMJ dysfunction. (more…)

Can Acid Reflux Affect My Oral Health?

There are several threats that put your smile at risk for problems with tooth decay, and some of them may surprise you. You can be well aware of how important brushing and flossing are on a daily basis, and how your diet choices impact your dental health. What you might not realize is that if your diet and habits put you at risk for acid reflux, your teeth can be harmed as a result. Acid reflux will send acids from your stomach up your throat and to your mouth. While your saliva can protect you by neutralizing those acids in some cases, a person with acid reflux can have this occur throughout the day, or at night, which can lead to enamel erosion. During a routine dental exam, your Katy, TX dentist’s office can talk to you about the problems caused by enamel erosion, and how you can protect yourself against smile threats. (more…)

Providing The Proper Response To A Tooth Injury

How will your Katy, TX dentist’s office address your injured tooth? The approach to caring for dental damage can vary, in order to properly tend to the severity of harm. You can look forward to emergency care if you have an urgent dental problem. In cases where a chipped or cracked tooth only causes cosmetic issues, your dentist can plan work to make important esthetic improvements. It is important to make sure a dental injury is treated when one occurs. If you experience dental damage, you could find yourself with complications that affect your oral health. Your tooth may be less capable of handling biting and chewing pressure, and you could have internal dental damage that needs to be addressed. (more…)

Bring Your Kids In For Smile Care Before School Starts

Preparing for the new school year can mean taking on several responsibilities. Shopping for clothes, and making sure your kids have all the right school supplies, are important steps. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can help you make sure that your children start their new school year with healthy, happy smiles when you schedule pediatric dental checkups. Checkups are important to people of all ages. With that said, there are important benefits to pediatric dental care that deserve your attention. At these appointments, younger children can be provided with important education on oral health care. Visits also allow your dentist to monitor a child’s growth and development, so that any issues can be identified. (more…)

The Importance Of Visiting The Dentist For Routine Care

Are regular dental visits important for everyone, or just those people who do a poor job of keeping their teeth clean on a daily basis? If you believe your teeth are in ideal condition, you may think that you have no reason to keep up with semiannual checkups. While you should certainly reach out to your Katy, TX dentist’s office if you feel something is wrong, a checkup can be beneficial when you believe you are in good oral health. Your dentist may identify a problem you are unaware of – having the matter caught and treated early will help you limit the amount of harm your tooth experiences. Checkups are also good for your smile because you undergo a routine teeth cleaning, which can remove tartar. (more…)

Will My Dental Work Force Me To Make Changes To My Diet?

Patients who need work done to restore a tooth that is afflicted with a cavity, or who want to enjoy cosmetic dental work, may fear that significant diet changes will be called for after treatment. You may worry that your dental crown can only be counted on against softer foods, or that your porcelain veneers will become tarnished if you eat or drink color-rich items. What you should know is that your Katy, TX dentist’s office will provide you with a restoration that is made to last. They are constructed with the understanding that they need to retain their appearance, and their condition, for many years. With that said, be mindful that the diet selections that are likely to cause problems with tooth decay and discoloration can also pose problems for a restoration. (more…)

Using Dental Sedation To Help Anxious Patients Undergo Care

When you have feelings of anxiety that revolve around dental care, it can intrude on your efforts to keep your smile in good condition. Anxious patients will sometimes try to avoid visiting the dentist, even if they feel something is wrong. What you should know is that delaying treatment for a potential problem can allow the situation to worsen, which may put you in a position of needing more involved restorative dental care. Dental sedation is often provided to people who feel uneasy when they lie down in the dentist’s chair. The sedative effect you receive will allow you to remain conscious, but in a continued state of relaxation throughout your appointment. Different degrees of sedation can provided, based on the kind of support you need. (more…)

Will Your Cavity Treatment Keep Your Tooth Protected?

When you go in to see your dentist for a cavity treatment, will you be able to count on care that really protects your tooth? After all, a major concern with tooth decay is that the damage is permanent, so your tooth will require support after infected material has been removed. So when your Katy, TX dentist provides you with restorative dental care, you need to count on lasting support. With a modern filling or crown, you can look forward to lasting protection that keeps you safe from infections, or physical issues with biting and chewing. Because modern restorations are made with material that is impressively similar in appearance to your enamel, your work will also provide lasting cosmetic advantages.  (more…)

Finding The Right Path To A Brighter Smile

When you start to see changes to the brightness of your smile, you may grow concerned. If you have attempted to address discoloration with store bought whitening agents, or a brand of whitening toothpaste, you may be worried by the limited results to come from your efforts. If you want to know how you can make your smile notably brighter, schedule a time to talk with your Katy, TX dentist’s office about cosmetic dental work. Through a professional whitening treatment, you can eradicate problems associated with discoloration. If your discoloration is the result of something different than teeth stains, your dentist can find a procedure that leads to real results.  (more…)