Including Tooth Replacement In Plans To Restore Your Smile

Is your oral health being negatively affected by tooth loss? Is there a problem tooth currently present in your smile that cannot be saved? When your dental needs center around prosthetic dental work, or dental extraction, oral health care can start to feel intimidating. What you should know is that at our Katy, TX dental practice, we can make significant smile work attainable by working with you to understand your full needs, and making necessary services attainable. When it comes to missing or significantly unhealthy teeth, we can include plans that feature dental implant-held restorations that can improve your appearance, and help you regain better dental function. (more…)

We Can Help You Complete Your Smile Improvement Goals

For some individuals, past dental treatments helped them feel better about their smile, but still failed to deliver all of the improvements they hoped to see. If you feel that your earlier efforts to have your smile improved only brought you part of the way to your desired changes, reach out to our Katy, TX dental practice! We can work with you on completing a full smile makeover. At our office, we can determine what oral health issues need attention, while also discussing plans to improve your appearance through cosmetic dental work. At the end of these procedures, you can finally show off that brilliant smile you have been waiting to share! (more…)

Conservative Work On Teeth Can Lead To Big Changes

Dramatic changes to your smile can be made through cosmetic dental work. While this can be something you are certainly happy to know, your enthusiasm for cosmetic work may be dampened by concerns over what that work will actually involve. Will big improvements demand significant work on your natural tooth structure? You can be relieved to hear that at our Katy, TX dental practice, significant improvements are possible with a conservative amount of work on your dental material. You can see great changes to the way you look while minimal amounts of your tooth structure are removed. The right procedure can even lead to those changes in less time than you think possible, so your treatment can be surprisingly convenient. (more…)

Replacing A Problem Tooth With An Implant-Held Restoration

As you spend time trying to adjust to your life with tooth loss, or with a seriously damaged or unhealthy tooth, you can quickly learn how these issues intrude on your daily life. If a tooth is missing, or no longer able to contribute to your normal dental functions, you can discover that biting, chewing, and speaking become more difficult. If the tooth is absent, then a lack of stimulation from your root can have a negative effect on your jawbone. Having the problem addressed with an implant-held dental restoration can revive your smile, make dental function easier. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we can help you understand the benefits of addressing tooth loss as promptly as possible. (more…)

We Can Find The Right Solution To Your Bite Problems

When an issue with your bite function is ignored, or not properly treated, the matter can lead to physical discomfort, as well as a higher risk for the development of additional dental issues. However, when the problem is properly reviewed, an appropriate course of action can be taken to reduce discomfort, and protect you against any difficulties that may interfere with your smile and oral health. Our Katy, TX dental practice uses advanced Tekscan pressure mapping to analyze an individual’s bite function. With the information gathered, we can spot different factors that can affect your bite. Those factors can include problems with poor dental alignment, weak or damaged teeth, and unresolved trouble with your jaw movement. (more…)

We Can Revive Your Smile Through A Full Arch Reconstruction

Even if the matter is serious, it can be easy to imagine what your dentist can do to address a problem with a single tooth. If that tooth can be saved, you can expect to receive a dental crown. If it has to be removed, it can be replaced with a lifelike dental prosthetic. Unfortunately, if you have bigger problems, it can be harder to know what sort of restorative dental work you require. Our Katy, TX dental practice is ready to help you take on major smile and oral health concerns. In fact, we can even help you work out a full arch reconstruction. This can result in dynamic smile changes, and it can put a stop to serious oral health issues. (more…)

Migraines Can Be A Consequence Of Untreated Jaw Problems

When migraines and headaches intrude on your life, they create serious discomfort, and make it harder for you to take care of your daily responsibilities. In the short term, you may reach for aspirin to manage the problem, but while this can make a current headache more bearable, it can fail to address the reason for your frequent issues. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can actually help you take on chronic headaches and migraines through Disclusion Time Reduction therapy, or DTR therapy. This treatment process addresses problems with your bite that can agitate your jaw joints in muscles, causing unpleasant issues with TMJ dysfunction. In addition to causing chronic headaches, TMJ dysfunction can make jaw movement difficult, and it can create pain in your face and neck. (more…)

How Invisalign Can Feature In Larger Smile Improvement Plans

An orthodontic treatment using Invisalign aligners can have an amazing effect on your smile, while also offering important oral health improvements. Over the course of your treatment, your aligners will steadily move your teeth into proper placement, which can help with the way you look, and with your dental function. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can provide you with great smile and oral health improvements by offering Invisalign treatment. We can also help ensure that you are completely satisfied with your smile changes by talking to you about making an orthodontic adjustment part of a larger plan to change your smile. (more…)

Outlining The Steps Involved In A Full Smile Reconstruction

At our Katy, TX dental practice, we are ready to help patients who need more than just routine restorative dental work for a cavity. For some individuals, meaningful dental work will take multiple procedures, and those procedures will need to address many different issues. During a full smile reconstruction, you and your dentist can work together to determine what procedures might be effective at fully restoring your appearance and oral health. At the end of your reconstruction, you can see individual teeth, or even an entire dental arch, restored. This can improve your ability to bite and chew, while giving you renewed confidence in the way you look. (more…)

Do You Hide Your Teeth When You Smile? Let Us Help!

When you have a confident smile to show off, you can have better success in social settings, and feel more at ease in a business environment. If you feel like you have to hide your teeth when you smile, a sense of self-consciousness can intrude on your life, and create complications for you. With cosmetic dental work, you can feel better about the photos you share on social media, look more assertive in the right situations, and generally feel a boost to your self-confidence. Our Katy, TX dental practice can help you determine what procedure might be the right one for you, so that you can start flashing a smile you love to share! (more…)