Should I Have An Older Dental Crown Replaced?

If your dental crown is doing its job, then you have support for a vulnerable tooth that allows you to bite and chew comfortably, while avoiding further harm. Because our teeth are not able to heal from the kind of problems that make restorative dental work necessary, permanent support is needed. Crowns are made to be remarkably durable, so that they continue to provide adequate protection over the course of many years. With that said, older crowns can become worn down, or you can experience damage that affects its support. If you are worried about an older crown’s ability to properly perform its job, talk to your Katy, TX dentist. You may need a new restoration. Fortunately, modern crowns can offer durability, and they can closely match the appearance of your natural teeth. (more…)

Bite Problems Can Negatively Affect Your Life – We Can Help

The way you bite can impact your life in ways that you might not expect. If there are issues that prevent you from maintaining an even bite, you can develop problems that affect your teeth, and your jaw function. If you ignore these problems, you can wind up with complications from TMJ dysfunction, and signs of excess wear and tear on certain teeth. Your Katy, TX dentist can help you identify and address problems with bite equilibration. Advanced tools can be used to measure the application of force when you bite, so that you and your dentist can understand what kind of care is needed to correct your bite issues. In some cases, long-term improvements can call for the restoration of certain weak or damaged teeth. There are also cases where orthodontic work is needed to improve the alignment of your bite. (more…)

How Poor Oral Care Can Lead To Bad Breath

There is little mystery behind bad breath when you have just finished a meal with strong flavors, like garlic. With that said, you may grow concerned when you feel that you are consistently reaching for a mint, or gum, to cover up this problem. What you should know is that doing an insufficient job cleaning your teeth can make bad breath more likely. Chronic bad breath is also a symptom of untreated gum disease. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can offer regular dental cleanings, and evaluations to let you know if you have a problem that might cause these problems. Between visits, make sure you are taking care to effectively clean your teeth at home. (more…)

Using Detailed Examinations To Evaluate Your Oral Health

As important as it is to spend time each day caring for your smile, there are some matters that your dentist should address. You can feel confident in your oral health because you brush and floss thoroughly, and make it a point to limit your sugar intake. With that said, you should not feel as though you can gauge the health of your smile so well that your regular dental exams are no longer necessary! At these appointments, your Katy, TX dentist can perform a remarkably detailed evaluation. With digital x-ray technology, and an intraoral camera, your teeth can receive a level of scrutiny you cannot provide yourself. These reviews can reveal problems you might be unaware of, which can result in treatment before the matter worsens. (more…)

Ignoring Signs Of Sleep Apnea Can Put Your Health At Risk

You make noise at night when you sleep, snoring loudly while you rest. During the day, you can feel groggy and unfocused, and you can generally sluggish despite what you believed to be a full night’s sleep. These are signs of sleep apnea, and unfortunately, there are other, more significant, issues that can affect you if you have this condition. Sufferers of sleep apnea aren’t enjoying a full night’s rest because their sleep cycle is being disrupted by frequent airway blockages. Over time, you can continue to miss out on the benefits of sleep, which can increase your risk for problems with high blood pressure and heart disease. Other health conditions can be more difficult to manage when you have sleep apnea, too. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist can provide you with a special appliance to address sleep apnea. (more…)

How Do I Stop Stains From Gathering On My Teeth?

What do you need to do to stop your smile from changing color over time? Dedicated oral care can certainly stop decay from affecting you. By keeping up with your brushing and flossing, and seeing your Katy, TX dentist for regular dental exams, you can sustain good oral health. What you should know is that even if they are healthy, you may see some stains gather on your teeth. Keeping your smile clean during the day can help you clear away staining agents. Restricting your consumption of dark and color-rich products will also be helpful. If you have stains that have already gathered, you can make big improvements through professional whitening treatment. (more…)

Contouring Work On Teeth And Gums Can Improve Your Smile

How can contouring work lead to the kind of smile improvements you are eager to show off? Your Katy, TX dentist can offer many forms of cosmetic dental care. When it comes to contouring work, there are potential benefits to performing this process on teeth, and for periodontal tissues. Gum contouring can even out your gums, or reveal portions of your teeth hidden by excess tissues. This latter work can give length to teeth that seem squat. Contouring teeth can lead to the reduction in size of a larger tooth, and it can help you deal with cosmetic problems created by uneven or damaged teeth. (more…)

Quiz: Seeking And Receiving Care For Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a serious, and – unfortunately – common threat to our smiles. Once a cavity forms on your tooth, there will not be anything you can do without your dentist’s help. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist can address decay before it causes more trouble for your oral health, and provide you with a modern restoration. The size of your cavity at the time of treatment will make it clear to your dentist what needs to be done for your dentist. In the case of a more advanced cavity, you may require a root canal treatment, and the placement of a dental crown. However, if you seek treatment before decay has the opportunity to spread, you can come away from treatment with a dental filling, and avoid a root canal. (more…)

Will I Experience More Dental Trouble As I Age?

If you know you have a habit of skipping brushing and flossing sessions, you can be less than surprised when you have a cavity. If you fail to keep up with regular dental checkups, you can find yourself struggling with issues. Of course, you may be someone who takes pride in their oral care regimen, and a regular attendee of checkups, and still find yourself experiencing a problem. There are many issues that can affect our natural defense against problems like tooth decay. One issue is that, over time, we can experience a natural erosion of enamel. This can make it harder for older patients to avoid cavities. Your Katy, TX dentist can provide preventive care that makes it easier for you to keep your smile in good condition. You can also count on our practice for support when you need to do something about tooth decay.  (more…)

Making Changes To Enjoy A More Smile-Friendly Diet

If you have recently undergone a cavity treatment, or if you just want to make sure your smile stays healthy, you may be ready to make smart routine changes. When it comes to modifying your oral health routine, what areas deserve your attention? Daily care obviously matters – you need to brush at least twice, and floss daily, so that your teeth stay clean. Routine dental exams also matter. With that said, you can benefit from making diet changes that improve your oral health. Adjustments that lead to a reduction in your sugar intake, and increase the nutritional content of meals and snacks, matter for your smile. Your Katy, TX dentist can talk to you about making your diet more smile-friendly during a routine dental exam. (more…)