Are You Ready For A Smile Makeover?

In order to improve your smile, your dentist can talk to you about different cosmetic services. What you should know is that our Katy, TX dentist’s office is here you show off your most attractive appearance. If you have several concerns, or if you have potentially serious problems with your smile that will require treatment, we can talk to you about a smile makeover. We can provide different recommendations to help patients see their ideal results. If necessary, we can even discuss oral health services, including work to replace lost teeth.

Choosing The Right Crown For Your Treatment

Restorative dental work addresses problems with more than just dental decay. A procedure can also take on issues with physical damage, ensuring that a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth would not cause issues for your appearance and oral health. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office uses dental crowns made from different materials. By doing this, we can personalize your care and tend to different concerns. That can make making sure your care will not hurt your smile, or it can mean taking care to preserve your dental function. Every restoration is custom-made to make sure that it fits comfortably and remains secure. (more…)

Taking Care Of Poor Teeth Spacing

How worried should you be about the way your teeth are spaced? If you have visible gaps, or if there are overlaps that cause certain teeth to look uneven or out of place, you can feel self-conscious about your appearance and even concerned about your oral health. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can talk to you about the impact that orthodontic work can have on your smile. We offer discreet treatment options—with Invisalign aligners, you can make adjustments with removable appliances! For some people with spacing problems, cosmetic dental services can be effective at making improvements, too. (more…)

Targeted Smile Care Through Contouring Services

The right way to improve your smile may be more conservative than you realize. Sometimes, the appropriate tactic is one that sees your Katy, TX dentist perform careful contouring work to reshape your gums or tooth structure to remove flaws and make your smile more symmetrical. One option is to plan a tooth bonding and contouring procedure, which can make valuable corrections to the shape, size, and color of teeth that look out of place. Work to reshape or reduce your gum tissues can reveal more of your tooth structure, or it can address problems with bumpy, bulky, or uneven tissues that look unattractive.

We Can Address Questions About Implant Dentistry

If you have an incomplete smile, you can be eager to learn more about implant dentistry and its potential to improve both your appearance and your dental health. Your Katy, TX dentist can talk to you about work to fully restore your smile, even if you are interested in receiving a full denture to replace an entire row of teeth. Through the use of dental implants, we can provide more stability for a restoration, and we can provide stimulation that will help maintain the health and appearance of your jawbone. (more…)

How DTR Therapy Provides Pain Relief

If you currently live with persistent pain that worsens when you move your jaw, it may be time to look into how your dentist can help. Problems with chronic discomfort related to bite movement, neck and facial pain, and headaches can all point to issues with TMJ disorder, a problem with stress or poor joint alignment. You may need to address your discomfort by changing the way you apply and release pressure when you bite. To help you with this, our Katy, TX dentist’s office can recommend DTR therapy. Through this service, we will use a detailed evaluation of your bite movements to determine how we can help you reduce stress and engage in more uniform movements whenever you bite and chew. (more…)

Using Veneers To Restore Chipped Teeth

Whether your tooth chips during an accident or you see gradual wear and tear hurt the shape of your smile, dental damage can stand between you and your confident smile. Fortunately, there is something that you can do about this matter. With the right cosmetic procedure, you can make sure that chipped teeth are properly restored and look attractive once again. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office provides multiple services that help you show more confidence in the way you look. With porcelain veneers, we can address problems with the shape, size, and condition of teeth so that they support your smile! (more…)

Deciding On Tooth Bonding Treatment

Tooth bonding and contouring services take on different problems for different patients. Someone who has teeth that are misshapen or poorly spaced can find that this service helps make their smile more symmetrical. Bonding treatment can also help you take on issues with damaged or discolored teeth. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can discuss the advantages to scheduling this care to help you show off your ideal smile. We can also discuss alternative cosmetic services, which can help make sure that your procedure delivers on the improvements you truly want. (more…)

How Dental Technology Helps Patients

What makes a person confident that their dentist is keeping their teeth and gums safe from problems? Regular appointments certainly help with this, as you can enjoy consistent updates about the state of your smile. You should also feel confident that when there is a problem, the right treatment will be available. Our Katy, TX dentist’s office relies on different forms of technology to meet our patients’ varying needs. Through advanced imaging equipment, we are able to closely study your teeth, gums, and oral structures for any signs of trouble that we may need to address. We even have the means to do a detailed bite analysis when we suspect their are problems with your jaw movement and alignment. Lasers help us provide services that prioritize patient comfort while resolving active threats. (more…)

Issues Targeted In A Full Mouth Reconstruction

The work that your dentist can do to improve your smile covers more than just tooth decay. As important as it is to have reliable protection against cavities, this is not the only problem that can affect you, particularly if you have gone an extended period of time without routine services. You can also experience issues with your health and well-being because of poor jaw alignment and bite movement, or from physical wear and tear on teeth. For people with more serious oral health concerns, treatment needs can even include prosthetic treatment. At our Katy, TX dentist’s office, we can help you take on the different issues you face through a full mouth reconstruction plan, a series of services personalized to make sure all of your problems are resolved properly. (more…)