Cosmetic Dentistry And Whiter Teeth: What You Should Know

There is more to cosmetic dentistry than just making a person’s smile whiter. At our Katy, TX dental office, we have experience working with patients who have been frustrated by dental damage, problems with poor dental alignment, and naturally occurring flaws that affected the shape or size of certain teeth. We can address these issues through modern cosmetic treatments, and are often able to fully restore a person’s smile in just one appointment! With that said, we can certainly address problems you have with the color of your teeth. In fact, many people look to professional dental care when they find that a store bought whitening treatment only provides them with limited results. (more…)

A Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Improve Your Bite Function

People who spend an extended period of time without dental care often experience several issues that affect their oral health and smile. If you have not kept up with regular dental exams, you can experience issues with untreated cavities, let dental damage go unnoticed, and fail to realize how a problem with your bite might be causing you chronic pain. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we have experience helping patients who need work done to correct multiple dental problems. In these situations, we often recommend starting a full mouth reconstruction, a tailored plan to identify and treat all of your active oral health issues. In addition to helping restore your smile, and restoring damage done by tooth decay, this work can lead to better bite function, which can reduce your problems with daily discomfort. (more…)

Working On Migraine Relief With Your Dentist

Living your life with recurring migraines can quickly become unpleasant, and even difficult. You may find that you often have to cancel or postpone plans, and you can have trouble taking care of professional and personal responsibilities. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we are prepared to help you enjoy relief from migraines caused by unresolved issues with your jaw. What people sometimes fail to realize is that the nerves controlling their jaw movement are also responsible for sensations throughout your face, head, and neck. Many individuals who struggle with migraines and other discomforts are affected by problems with TMJ dysfunction, or issues with poor bite movement. We are prepared to determine how your bite might be affecting your life, and we can put a stop to your ongoing pains! (more…)

Trusting Invisalign Aligners To Close A Gap In Your Smile

A gap in your smile caused by poor dental alignment can make you uncomfortable with the way you look, which can lead to a lack of confidence. Misaligned teeth have made many people self-conscious, but it should be noted that gaps and overlaps can also interfere with a person’s dental function, creating oral health issues. At our Katy, TX dental office, we can talk to you about using Invisalign aligners to close a smile gap, and generally improve your appearance. In addition to providing you with a removable appliance for your adjustment, this allows you to straighten your teeth without worrying about unwanted attention for conspicuous braces. In some cases, it may be possible to correct a smile gap with a cosmetic dental procedure. (more…)

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Reliably Address Dental Damage?

Dental damage can occur suddenly after an accident, but it can also be the result of persistent wear and tear on teeth. If you feel that damage to your tooth structure has changed the way you look, our Katy, TX dental office can help! By restoring the appearance of damaged teeth with porcelain veneers, or through a bonding procedure, we can renew your confidence in your smile while minimizing changes to your tooth structure. This work is able to greatly improve the way you look, and you can count on your results to last for many years. In cases where damage affects your ability to bite and chew, lifelike dental crowns can provide functional improvements while also giving you more confidence in your appearance. (more…)

You Can Apply Bite Pressure With An Implant-Held Restoration

Restoring your smile by replacing a missing tooth can give you a welcome boost to your confidence. After all, you no longer have to worry about a gap in your smile affecting the way you look, or shaping how others perceive you. What you might be surprised to learn is that with a dental implant-held restoration, you can also enjoy functional benefits from your complete smile! At our Katy, TX dental office, we can discuss the placement of a replacement tooth held by an implant, which can make you more comfortable with biting and chewing. This prosthetic solution also creates beneficial stimulation in your jawbone, and offers more support to neighboring teeth! (more…)

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Can Relieve Ongoing Pains

Oral health issues that affect your jaw can cause you to experience pain throughout your face, neck, and head. People who struggle with these forms of discomfort often have unresolved problems with their bite function, which can worsen over time without correction. Our Katy, TX dental office can provide important relief in these situations through Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy. Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy, or DTR Therapy, will involve a thorough study of your bite motions. This examination can lead to the discovery of imbalances in your dental function that can be responsible for chronic pain. Once these problems are identified, we can work with you to correct those imbalances and relive stress on your jaw joints and facial muscles. (more…)

What Will It Take To Complete Your Smile Makeover?

Patients interested in cosmetic dental work can be eager to find the most conservative means of making all of their desired improvements. For people who have multiple dental flaws they want to correct, arranging a smile makeover can give them a clear idea of how they can enjoy all of their desired corrections. At our Katy, TX dental office, we can work with you on achieving all of your improvements while minimizing the work required for you. Modern procedures are able to address several flaws at one time, so you can see corrections in a shorter period than you might think possible. We can also discuss restorative dental work, so that any unresolved issues with your oral health are resolved in the course of helping you show off your best smile. (more…)

Replacing Your Current Prosthetic With Implant-Held Dentures

While your denture may have been custom-made, you can start to grow frustrated with the effort you have to put towards keeping it in place. You can also feel self-conscious because it feels less than stable when you try to eat, or whenever you speak. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we can discuss improving your experience with prosthetic dental work by replacing your current denture with one held by dental implants. All-On-4 implant dentures allow patients to enjoy a stable, custom appliance that restores their appearance while improving their biting and chewing functions. In addition to keeping an appliance securely in place throughout the day, dental implants can actually restore the delivery of nutrients to your jawbone, keeping it in better health. (more…)

Putting A Stop To Your Ongoing Problems With TMJ Dysfunction

Your experience with TMJ dysfunction can be a frustrating one, as you can be bothered by difficulty with your bite function, chronic headaches, and pain in your face and neck. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we understand that patients seeking TMJ treatment can be eager for relief. We rely on modern technology to thoroughly examine your teeth and oral structures to find out why you might have this problem. Once we understand why you are experiencing trouble, we can identify a solution to stop your discomfort! While some patients may require restorative dental work to resolve the matter, you may be able to enjoy relief through therapy to improve your bite function. (more…)