Month: January 2014

Try this Bad Breath Quiz

Whether you’re ramping up for a hot date or you’re going out for your 40th anniversary, bad breath can really kill a romantic mood. Breath affects your life beyond your relationship with a significant other. Your coworkers are going to bear the brunt of your bad breath if you are sitting close together. Your friends… Read more »

The Red Carpet is Waiting for your White Smile

White smiles are in.  Just take a look at any red carpet during this time of year, known as “awards season” in the film industry. Patients often take their cues from their favorite actors, actresses, and performers on how to look. Many people turn to Katy, TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop to reverse the tooth discoloration… Read more »

Prepare yourself for a Dental Emergency

Emergencies can be prepared for, but there’s nothing that can simulate the adrenaline rush and panic when something suddenly goes wrong. Car accidents, falls, sport injuries…there are hundreds of ways you could end up damaging your teeth or gum tissues and requiring emergency dental care. Katy TX dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop, likes to go as… Read more »

How Much Do You Know about Dental Sedation?

Every time period has amazing elements. Of course, there are certainly many reasons to look at the past and think that we have come a long way as a developing society. A great example of this is sedation dentistry. Once upon a time, there weren’t any numbing options for dental work. If a tooth needed… Read more »