Month: February 2014

Too Many Flaws on your Smile? Porcelain Veneers Provide Amazing Results

Are you unhappy with your smile because of chips, cracks, and/or gaps in your teeth? Do you think a lot about options to fix your pearly whites?  Perhaps you have deeply stained or yellow teeth, and teeth bleaching has only offered you minor results. Katy cosmetic dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop has a great solution. The cosmetic dental… Read more »

Setting Positive Tone for Family Dental Visits

When you’re a parent, modeling behavior is often even more important than telling your kids how to act. Children pick up on cues from you, both obvious and subtle. The way you treat others, the way you manage money, the way you eat, how physically active you are, and even the level of stress you… Read more »

Coconut Might Make the Perfect Toothpaste of the Future

In the dead of winter, it’s fun to daydream of a tropical vacation. What do you picture? Lounging in a hammock underneath banana trees? Native dancers performing while you soak up the rays of the sun? Sipping a delicious pina colada out of a coconut shell? There’s great news for the dental health of people… Read more »

The Inner Beauty of your Smile

The definition of beauty is subjective. Have you ever heard everyone around you gushing about a supposedly “hot” celebrity and find yourself thinking, “huh…I don’t get it.” One man’s art, sculpture, or favorite movie is another man’s waste of space. When you think of inner beauty, however, there is probably a more common universal ideal…. Read more »