Month: March 2014

Replacing Silver Fillings with the Tooth-Colored Variety

Do you have any silver amalgam fillings in your mouth? Many people all over the world still do since the material has been filling cavities for well over a century. The evolution of fillings dictates that most dentists now primarily utilize tooth-colored composite-resin materials for a more desirable cosmetic look. Environmentalists are happier with composite… Read more »

Are those Natural Teeth or Dental Implants?

Your Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop is happy to offer patients a variety of tooth replacement options. A recommendation will naturally depend upon your exact situation. Some people still make great candidates for traditional dentures. A fixed dental bridge may also make a viable solution. However, more and more these days, patients are opting for dental… Read more »

A Serious Dental Condition Cause by Bisphosphonate Drug Therapy

Bone density issues have become a real concern for people as they age. The reason for this is not entirely understood. Genetics, nutrition, and the fact that we live such long lives in modern times all have something to with whether or not you might maintain ample density of bone structure. No matter how many… Read more »

Keeping your Mouth Kissable with Great Dental Hygiene

Do you have a hot date coming up? Bad breath might make you feel extremely uncomfortable about any social interactions, romantic or otherwise. Everyone deserves confidence and a high quality of life. Bad breath can take all of this away.  Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop is here to help if you’re concerned that your breath is offensive… Read more »