Keeping your Mouth Kissable with Great Dental Hygiene

BadBreathDo you have a hot date coming up? Bad breath might make you feel extremely uncomfortable about any social interactions, romantic or otherwise. Everyone deserves confidence and a high quality of life. Bad breath can take all of this away.  Katy dentist, Dr. Colin Lathrop is here to help if you’re concerned that your breath is offensive to others.

Floss First

Many people prioritize brushing in their oral hygiene routine and think of flossing as an afterthought. Perhaps you floss after you brush once a week, or once a month. In fact, you should be flossing daily before you brush. It’s possible that you’ve lived your life thinking floss was last in the oral hygiene order of operations. Dislodging the debris in between your teeth is better when done before you brush, so your toothbrush and rinsing can scrub and wash those germ laden particles away.

Brush after That

Perhaps this sounds obvious, but if you have bad breath, keeping consistent with your dental self-care can make a big difference. If you tend to burn the candle at both ends, you may have a bad habit of falling asleep in front of the television. Once that happens, waking up to brush and floss is going to be the last thing on you tired mind. You’re likely to wake up with heinous morning breath. Do yourself a favor and brush before you relax for the evening. That way, you won’t feel tempted to skip.

Keep your Six Month Dental Checkups

There are plenty of excuses for canceling biannual dental checkups and cleanings. If you should become ill or have a pressing appointment which makes canceling a necessity, try to reschedule right away. If you put off going to your biannual checkups, halitosis issues will become worse as tartar builds up in your mouth and excess germs populate on the back of your tongue. A good dental cleaning twice-a-year will go a long way in making your breath kissable fresh.

Visit your Katy, TX Dentist

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