Month: April 2014

Why More Men Are Embracing Cosmetic Dentistry in 2014

Most men aren’t born with the perfect smile, despite what Hollywood might like you to believe of its shining stars. George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, and Tom Cruise—all previous winners of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” moniker—are just a few of many famous faces who have turned to cosmetic dentistry to round out their good looks…. Read more »

Try to Relax for Better Oral Health

You’ve probably heard statements connecting stress to heart attacks. Cause and effect in the medical world isn’t always quite that black and white. Stress levels are difficult to pin-point in a quantifiable manner. However, there is little doubt that highly stressed individuals tend to overeat, sleep poorly, drink too much alcohol, and smoke. Succumbing to… Read more »

Toothache True-or-False

When you take stock of your body, how many sensations do you notice? Do you have any feelings which might qualify as aches and pains? When your body is assaulted by discomfort, your regular tasks are often difficult to carry out. Teeth are so small, yet for some reason, toothaches are among the most pervasive pains. The… Read more »

Dental Trends Unlikely to Take Off

You’ve probably seen enough babies with pierced ears to feel used to the look. However, you might feel jarred at the sight of a toddler with a lip or tongue ring. Unfortunately, this is the way most dentists feel when they see anyone with oral piercings. The trend of physical self-expression may evoke liberation in… Read more »