Month: May 2014

Momentous Occasions That Call for a Smile Makeover

As any of our patients will tell you, confidence in your smile isn’t just for special occasions. It’s about loving the way you look and feel about yourself every single day. Each patient has a unique vision of their perfect smile, says Katy, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Colin Lathrop, which means that each smile makeover… Read more »

Just Snoring, or Something More Sinister?

When the tonsils, tongue, or oral tissue impedes breathing during sleep, we call this sleep apnea. There’s a reason why sleep apnea has been called the silent killer. According to the National Sleep Foundation, as many as 20 million Americans live with the condition. Of those, we believe that only 10 percent are actually aware… Read more »

Put Your Medicine Where Your Mouth Is…Then What?

Here’s an interesting statistic from the Mayo Clinic. An estimated 70% of Americans take at least one medication regularly, whether over-the-counter or by prescription. Dr. Colin Lathrop, a family dentist in Katy, TX, explains that sometimes even the things we require to keep ourselves healthy can also affect our oral health. Not that we advocate… Read more »